Help picking out my first-ever birkin??

  1. Hello ladies of the Hermès forum - this is a momentus time for me as I am preparing to purchase my first ever birkin bag. so, i'm issuing an open request for advice from all you birkin experts out there! here's a little about me and my thought process thus far:
    • i'm very small (4'11" and 85lbs) so i need something that won't look proportionately ridiculous
    • need at least enough room for: french wallet, blackberry, cellphone, compact, lipgloss, key & change zip-top pouch, digicam, car key, work ID badges (3)
    • color: either signature orange, or something very versatile that i can wear w/ a lot of different clothes
    • palladium hardware
    • i believe in using all my designer bags all the time, so it def will get carried to work, shopping, dinner, errands, etc
    • tend to like things that are classic and timeless and yet have a bit of a unique twist that sets them apart
    • prefer not to spend more than $12K
    :sweatdrop: phew! i know, a lot of info . . . but really, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!! i know all you ladies here are the forums are the real experts!
  2. I'm 5'2" and have a 35 cm Birkin and really love it. But I like bigger bags (though I don't find this to be all that big). You may prefer a 30 cm. I was lucky because at my store, they had a bag they loaned out for media and I was able to see how I liked the size. If there are no Birkins in stock, you can try the same thing with a Kelly of similar size to get a sense of how the proportion works on you.

    If you are patient and buy from an Hermes store, a bag in a non-exotic leather should not top your budget. If you choose to buy from a reseller to get the bag more quickly, than you may be spending at your limit or not, depending on the colour and leather combination.

    Research the threads here; there are tons of great modelling pictures that will give you ideas. And don't be afraid to ask questions at your local store, if you have one.

    Good luck, and I hope the wait is brief!
  3. That depends a lot on whether you like handheld or shoulder bags more? A Birkin 30 (a 35 gets really heavy with all that stuff) is good if you like handheld. For a shoulder/handheld bag maybe a large Garden party or a Bolide (comes with strap so you can carry on shoulder too)? Shoulder bags big enough for your items; Massai, the Victoria bags. If you can, I would go to a shop and try the bags out, they can look small/big on someone else but who knows what they will look on you:tup:
  4. I'm quite sure you'll be happy with a 30cm Birkin. It holds quite a lot in the end but doesn''t look big or bulky.

    I would go through your wardrobe to decide which color would work the best with your clothes and overall look.

    It can be difficult to find the perfect bag in H stores, as wait lists for Birkins can be really long. You can find one in eBay, but the prices are higher than in stores.

    Few examples:
    Gris Tourterelle / phw (really lovely color!)

    Always chic black (in evergrain leather)

    Signature orange:

    Brighton Blue:

    I hope you'll find your dream bag soon! :tup::tup::tup:
  5. ^True, black is always chic!