Help picking out an agenda!

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Which Agenda?

  1. Black multicolore

  2. Affiche (Lightest Lady's Handbag)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    I cannot make up my mind about which shoulder bag to get, and have decided I will not stress myself out until I can get to a store (in about two months waaah!).

    To tide me over, I would like to get a small ring agenda. I'll be using it mainly to write my daily "quotable quotes". And maybe it'll double as a wallet.

    Now question is which one? I already have a pomme ZCP, so would like something not vernis. I have damier ebene cles so ebene is out because I like variety :biggrin:. I love multicolor in smaller pieces I think I will get a white MC cles next summer. So I'm left with:

    black MC

    Have not seen Affiche IRL but I trust you all Affiche owners :biggrin:. One thing that's holding me back is that the affiche design is very obviously LV. MC seems to be a little more subtle as it does not say Louis Vuitton but it is 30% more expensive but so pretty!....If you can only get one, which one would it be?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I'm not sure those would work for me...I would go for a classic Damier or Epi. But if you like them get the one that makes you happy!
  3. I would not describe Multicolore as subtle in any way, and I do think it's very obviously LV, but I have gone from pretty much not liking MC at all to actually really liking it, particularly in small goods, so I voted for the black MC agenda.

    However, I saw the Ebene Affiche agenda ('A Comfortable Valise') in person for the first time last week and it honestly was stunning. I haven't seen the Monogram one in real life yet but I imagine it to be very nice too. I don't think you can go wrong with either, and I've just picked up my own Ebene agenda PM and I love it. :biggrin:
  4. Out of the choices that you've named I say go with the Affiche

    And I agree with the other poster that multicolore is actually very obvious LV too. LOL. But it is beautiful never the less
  5. Thanks Forsyte, BoyOverboard, Iluvbags!

    Forsyte, silly me, I forgot to put down epi...but only if I can track down a fun color like cassis, rubis or toledo blue. I am a damier girl at heart, but for SLGs I like a pop of color to brighten up my insides :biggrin:

    Boy, ILuv....I say MC is not obviously LV because in my circles (I live in a small city), probably no one except my girlfriend who's got a huge LV collection, will recognize the design of the canvas, but the mono affiche Lady has Louis Vuitton in big letters :biggrin:
  6. I'd go with Epi.
  7. Epi, red Epi to match the lining of most Damier Ebene bags.
  8. Thank you Jaded and Wentworth....I will phone around the Canada stores and see what colors are available in epi. The discontinued Yellow epi with the purple inside would be gorgy but I know yellow epi gets dirty easily. I'll be using this baby day in and day out, so it will be a workhorse of an agenda :biggrin: My favorite colors are purple and yellow, so maybe a cassis one with yellow paper will do the trick. This is so exciting and confusing at the same time!
  9. I don't use agendas myself but I love the look of the Affiche - I wish they made a Cles with that picture on it.
  10. Yellow has been discontinued for a long time now. If you really want one in that colour you have to check resellers and ebay.
  11. I have a damier koala agenda which has a red interior. Maybe there are still some of those floating around. Of the two you listed, I would probably pick the affiche though.
  12. Affiche
  13. Thanks again Wentworth. I really want to get this soon, so this is probably not in the running, unless a yellow one pops up in the next week or so.

    Thank you Tiggy, Lellie, WildChild. I really want an Affiche piece. I'm just wondering if I should get the agenda in MC (or epi), and then get a mini pochette in Affiche, since I don't have a mini pochette yet. I like the idea of buying the SLGs because I can "hide" the new purchases from DH :biggrin:. I'm supposed to be on a ban, but hey, it's my moolah isn't it?

    How long will the Affiche be around?
  14. I think the affiche will be around for a year or so,,, hear oit is limited edition because of the silk screening?,correct me if I'm wrong..
  15. I have owned the black MC agenda for about 5 years and it still brings a smile to my face everytime I take it out of my bag!