Help picking out a wallet

  1. Hello! I was hoping you could help me decide which wallet I should buy:

    Monogram Canvas Zippy Wallet (first pic)

    Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket ( second pic)

    Thanks for any help! Sorry for the large pics! :push:


  2. I think you should go for the Zippy wallet... even though it only has 8 CC slots compared to the second wallet which has 10...
  3. I vote for the pochette wallet. I have it and love it! It's so easy to get in and out of. And no pushing a big zipper all the way around, and plus the little gold snap gives it a little something, kwim? The zippy is so big in person and plain. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with your choice!
  4. second one.

    BTW: love your username! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks!
  6. I vote for the ZIPPY wallet (first pic).
  7. I have the 2nd one (pochette wallet) and it was my first LV wallet. It holds a lot, everything is secure in there and like the SA told me, since everything is "in" the wallet it's great for privacy and safety. I think the price for the amt. of things it holds (10 cc slots, zippered coin slot, space for bills and other things) makes it the best wallet for its price.
  8. I vote for Zippy - if you ever get tired of using it as a purse you can use it as a travel organiser for tickets, passport etc.
  9. I own the Mono Zippy and LVOE this wallet! Yes, the downside is it only holds 8 ccs, but the extra pockets will allow you to additional cards and receipts. I just love the zip around. It keeps everything in its place.
  10. I like the second one better.
  11. I have the pochette wallet (2nd one) and I love it. It is very practical with the 2 slots in the front. I put my bank card and DL there for easy access (or whatever you use the most) I thought the zippy was too big for me and I didn't like having to zip it all the way around just to get in it.
  12. zippy!

  13. Second pic-Monogram Canvas Wallet with Zip Pocket
  14. Tough decision!

    I have a Coach zip around and it is very practical, it holds everything together nicely even if you don't have time to put things away properly. So the zippy is a great choice.

    However, the second one is also very practical because it is similar to the zippy except it snaps instead of zips and it has more credit card slots. It also looks a little nicer, IMO.

    So, due to the second one being cheaper and I think it looks a little better, I would go with number 2.
  15. my mom has the zippy organizer......

    she has SO many cards........

    If you only put one card per slot, and only 5 or 6 coins, you can actually put a cles in it to put your extra cards...............