help picking athletic shoes

  1. I've been shopping for athletic shoes and bought these two - Nike Everyday Fit Training and Pearl Izumi Iso Shift stability running shoe.
    My use is primarly for aerobics and weight training and sometimes walking. Both feel comfortable.
    I'm having trouble deciding which pair to keep. It may come down to looks.
    Opinions would be appreciated.
  2. If we're going by looks, I prefer the right ones. Personally, I like the Nike Frees. They are a somewhat minimalistic shoe so they don't give you that much support but they feel really nice on and when you're running, you can really feel your lower legs working.
  3. thanks!
    so your vote would be Nike for function and Pearl Izumo for looks?
    The Pearl Izumo is more substantial but the Nike is supposedly more geared to what I use the shoes for.

  4. I like the green ones - everybody has Nike - its not such a statement

    Or you could keep them both as they're both nice to be honest????
  5. thanks for your input
    the Pearl Izumi is a running shoe and most of the "experts" suggest using a training shoe rather than a running shoe for aerobics
    the Nike feels a bit snug in the toe box
    I'm keeping both for now and still looking......I'm making too much of this but I guess that's just my compulsive nature

  6. I like the green ones. Can you purchase the Nikes in a different color? That would be my choice
  7. the arch support would likely become shot if you use it for weight training. you should have 1 pair for aerobics and one for weight training.

    personally, I prefer asics. I buy something called "super feet", a plastic insole for arch support so I can save the arch from being shot when I'm doing weight lifting.
  8. thanks
    I think maybe what I do isn't what you'd call weight training
    I mainly just use lighter weights (5 lb) for some work on arms....I don't think that would really put wear on shoes

  9. I'm returning the black Nikes.
    I got the Nike Free pictured here.....Hopefully will choose between this one and the Pearl Izumis
    Now function is definitely more important....the Pearl Izumis are running shoes, not designed for what I'm using them for but they have more padding and support where the Nikes are very light and flexible

  10. I think you should keep the nike frees. They will work great for weight training because the shoes are minimalistic so your body will stabilize itself by working harder. They are also good for cardio because as you say, they are incredibly flexible and lightweight.

    Great color choice, btw :smile:
  11. thanks MACsarah :smile: