Help picking a Ramona color!

  1. Hey guys! I'm new to Jimmy Choo.

    I was just browsing different websites and I'm in LOVE with the Ramona.

    I'm torn between getting the black patent or the white. I also like that camel colored light brown as well, but I'm learning more towards black patent or white.

    What do you guys think? Any advice appreciated. Thanks. :drool:
  2. Since you have a large black bag (your cabas) I'd suggest getting the white or camel. Check out the biker leather with snakeskin as another option. Its incredible.
  3. Yes, you have a gorgeous black bag (the Cabas). Camel would be nice. The snakeskin trimmed bags are awesome. They come in tan, black, and Burgundy. How about a red bag? Below is my burgundy. Good luck and welcome to JC.

  4. ^Thank you! Wow that's a standout color. Is the snake-skin trim more expensive?
  5. I don't think so. Mine retailed for $1850. Maybe $50 more?

    This style comes in Tan, Black, and Burgundy.
  6. Also, it comes in nude! very pretty
  7. Welcome to the JC thread Missisa07:choochoo:
    So glad to have you join us. You black Chanel is TDF:drool: and it seems as though you have chosen another great bag. The black patent leather Ramona is also Gorgeous and TDF, but unfortunately it might be difficult to find one and almost all the ones on eBay are FAKE:cursing:
    The tan, black & burgundy distressed leather with the watersnake trim are my favorites.
    They all retail for $1850.00, but they were 50% off last month during the JC Spring/Summer sale, you might be able to still hunt down a tan one that has been returned.They kept the Black & burgundy for fall, so they are back at full retail. Try giving my wonderful SA in Chicago a call and she might be able to locate a sale priced Ramona at one of the boutiques and have it shipped to you.
    The camel & white Ramona's are also very pretty, but have not been high on my wish list, but I know a lot of the members :heart: them.
    Should you want to try to locate a bag give Casey a call @ 312-255-1170. She will find one if there is one to be found:tup:
    Good Luck:yahoo:
  8. I also vote for the biker bag with the watersnake trim! I have the same bag as Bonniec but it's a Riki....the burgundy color is gorgeous and Bonniec's photos show it to it's full advantage. :heart:
  9. I say the white or the camel since you already have a fab black bag.
  10. I know, this wont' help you a bit. But my favorite of my Ramonas (I have a black one, burgundy with watersnake trim and a navy) is the NAVY. I so wanted a Navy Ramona after seeing pictures of Lindsay Lohan carrying hers. They have stopped making them in Navy for a few seasons now, but Robynbenz hunted one down for me. :wlae:(hey, Robyn --I bet at least seven different women have stopped me while carrying the Navycat to drool and paw at her!) Thanks again for hunting this baby down for me! HOWEVER... if Navy cannot be had, do get the Burgundy with watersnake trim (as you already have a gorgeous black bag). You will love her to pieces.:graucho:
  11. Thanks guys for your advice and compliments! Roby I'll see which ones are available at Neiman Marcus (they sell Jimmy Choo there right?)

    I'll check the Jimmy Choo boutique in Honolulu as well to see what they have.
  12. Nordies has a great ramona.. it has a waxy finish.. amazing. also black in the same leather. the watersnake has since been marked down and reduced. sold out wherever u go. white also.. i saw someone with it and its a different seasons leather.. its napa. soo dirty. dont do it. black patent would be cool though.
  13. The Camel could be worn through more seasons and would not get as dirty as the white, but that burgundy one of Bonniec's is fabulous!! I have that color in the radiant and it is TDF...really one of the prettiest bags I own.
  14. Thanks guys!!! My local Jimmy Choo has the black with snakeskin trim. I'm going to take a look this week! I can't remember what other colors they had. No navy or black patent though. :sad: