help picking a purse

  1. So im not familiar with the diffrent styles or names, but I want to buy a chanel b/c they are all gorgeous!
    I want a white, small/medium sized, and I love the chain handel.

    Can anyone suggest a chanel style that fits the discription (maybe a pic too?)

    (thanks for the help- it will be my first chanel!!!)
  2. Do you want just chain for the handle or chain with leather through it?
  3. These are the styles that would fit your description. I also think you should do some research in the reference library; they have a lot of styles for you to choose from and it's a great way to learn names as well :idea:. Pictures are posted respectively.
    1. Classic Flap in caviar (originally posted by tweetie)
    2. Small Diamond Stitch Tote (orginally posted by Mick)
  4. Pix
    IMG_1747.JPG IMG_0730.jpg