help picking a new RM

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  1. my sister has suddenly turned into a girl and uses purses. i noticed that she is using this 5 dollar purse she got from old navy and she really likes hobo style purses. im thinking about getting her a nikki for her 21st birthday. should i get a nikki or mini nikki? what color should i get for her? a good neutral color. and this is going to be her first designer purse. any ideas?
  2. Hmm does she use big purses or little purses? I know when I first got into purses I tended to like smaller ones. Now the bigger the better for me :tup: So going by that she might like the mini nikki more. As for colors, I actually don't know the colors that the mini nikki comes in :confused1: Seafoam is a nice color but it might be hard for some people to find stuff that matches. What a great older sister! Will you adopt me as a younger sister??
  3. Nikki for sure...regular size too, it's really not that big IMHO. Now in regards to the color, well RM offers so many, how can you decide :shrugs: I guess it just really depends on what color your sister really likes & what you think may fit best in her wardrobe. Since it's her first RM, I say go with a "pop" color like the Peacock...the Resort collection pink & sunshine colors may be too bright...whatcha think :confused1: If all else fails, nothing's wrong with a black or brown color, at least she can wear it out!

    Also, keep in mind there will be MORE HOTTT colors coming in Spring too, around Feb./ is a nice purple called Grape & there's going to be a gorgeous Green color too..I think it's called Grass.

    HTH :tup:
  4. A Nikki for sure. A mini is more structured & looks less casual IMO. I like all the extra leather that slouches in a Nikki & it goes with dresses & jeans & even work wear. I think a 21yo would get more use out of a Nikki if she lives in jeans & more casual wear. As for colour, something POP & yet easy to care for so midtoned shades would be good.
  5. I vote for a Wine Nikki, the color goes w/ just about everything and it's such a classic RM staple!
  6. How about the CG Nikki? It is such a easy color to pair with everything, esp. since she can wear it with brown, or black. Sounds like she doesn't have a whole lot of bags to change into so I definitely would go with an outstanding neutral, that is still interesting, like the CG.
  7. I think a regular size Nikki in a neutral color (brown, black, grey) would be an awesome gift! You are so thoughtful!
  8. I would get a black or brown mini nikki. A purse the size of the regular
    nikki would have overwhelmed me when I was first getting into purses. It doesn't at all now, but it would have back then.
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    thanks ladies. she has now decided that she wants something with lots of pockets. does anyone know if the nikki has lots of pockets? i don't have a nikki myself so i cant check. how about a mam or mab? hmmm i know for sure the matinee has a million pockets. maybe that. and she definitely carries a lot of stuff. she has a fake d&g that my aunt got her from china and managed to wear it down already. in about 3 months. she keeps that sucker stuffed too. ds. paper. pens. chargers. all her "important" stuff she says. and i definitely like the idea of CG. she wears lots of dark colors so i think CG will be easy for her to use. i would get her something that pops but chances are she will just always wear it and not think about what she's wearing that day.
  10. plilly3: sorry plilly3 i already have 2 very spoiled younger sisters. and they're just as about as much as i can handle. lol

  11. Inside a Nikki are 3 cell phone pockets and 1 zip pocket. I find the cell phone pockets useful for my iphone, a little notebook, compact, etc. Stuff I need to be able to grab and not have to dig through my Nikkis.
    A Matinee is a good idea too!
  12. I would say a matinee then! They do have a lot of pockets. With the nikki, she might have to dig around for a while to find stuff since she carries a lot and the bag is longer so stuff can get lost. The matinee's wider shape makes it easy to find stuff. Does she like your matinee? You could casually ask her if she likes it so she doesn't suspect anything. Haha I'm the youngest of my family and probably spoiled enough!
  13. It sounds like your sister would prefer a regular size Nikki although with the whole pocket thing I think I would suggest a Matinee. I recently saw a Flat Iron Grey Mattie on eBay and it seems like it would be right up her alley!
  14. Definitely a Matinee over a Nikki if she likes lot of pockets. However, if she's more of a hobo gal, have you considered the Nolita?
  15. I would get a Nikki in a neutral color like black or gray and then a Purse To Go organizer to go inside. The Nikki has 3 open top pockets and 1 large zipper pocket inside. I have a Light Grey Nikki and I LOVE it! I am really wanting to add a black with silver HW though. The Nikki is my favorite RM bag hands down!

    I added some pics for reference. HTH!:flowers:

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