help picking a class!

  1. Honestly, Im just looking for a class that will be the easiest, so I was wondering which college class is easiest based on your experiences or what you have heard?
    3.enviormental science

    **a side note: im not good at math, and since i know a lot of sciences deal with some mathematics i would like one with the least
  2. chemistry is the hardest out of those!!! don't do it! I don't know anyone who has taken geology so it might be interesting.

    Environmental science i've heard is really boring - but I think that's because of the professor... I actually thought it'd be an interesting topic but my friend whose majoring in environmental science who really like the subject thought her class was really boring.

    biology can be pretty interesting and easy as long as you keep up with the readings - it's a lot of memorization but that's really all there is to it.

    if you know whose teaching the class, definitely check out ratemyprofessor! a lot of the time a class can be easy or hard depending on how it's taught so that has to do with the professor and not the subject matter.

    i would think environmental science would be the easiest...

    im bad at math too and i was taking chemistry...SO BAD!!! i hate chem now! i thought it was okay back in high school... i have to study for my chem final and i'm killing myself.
  3. I wouldn't suggest Chem if you are bad at math because it has a lot of math. I would do from easiest to hardest:
    1. Geology - not hard according to friends who ahve taken it
    2. Enviormental Science
    3. Biology - interesting but a lot to know
    4. Chem

    Also look at whose teaching it. Like there may be just hard geology teachers but easier teachers for enviromental science. Good luck with your choice.
  4. it depends a lot on the school you go to, but at my school, THE class to take to fill your science requirement if you're a non-science major is Ecology (we went out to the state botanical gardens and caught butterflies all class one day), so i'd recommend environmental sciences. geology after that, a lot of the football players here take geology, so i've heard. but i've also heard people complain about it.

    seriously, i got an A in ecology and i hardly ever went to class and never even bought the book. plus, it was actually kind of interesting.
  5. Ummmm.... :sweatdrop: as a person who holds undergrad degrees in 3 of the 4 you picked, I might be a bit biased... :push:

    Depending on your major and the requirements at your school, you may have to choose a science course WITH a lab, which may rule out environmental science. If you're not keen on math, I would suggest staying away from Chem. Inorganic chem (presumably the one you'll be taking) does require at least a precalculus foundation, and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who doesn't have the time to devote to the immense memorization it'll entail.

    Between the two choices that are left, biology and geology, I would say it's a tossup in terms of difficulty. Both are interesting, but geology is a bit less relateable. In addition, there will probably be a little more math involved with geology than with biology, but biology will require a bit more memorization.

    If it boils down to it, I would probably pick geology as the easier of the two for someone who is not a science major.

    Hope that helps!
  6. I've never been particularly fond of science, but since I had 3 science requirements in college I took geology, marine science, and environmental science and all were pretty easy. I think it depends on the teacher though- find out which teachers teach them at your college and look them up on Definitely rule chemistry out, especially if you don't like math. I'd say either geology or environmental science.
  7. Geology- handsdown. I am in my last year of undergrad, and waited as long as possible to take my gen-ed science classes. I am actually in an online version of planetary geology and I love it! Thoroughly enjoying it, and the class is a breeze!
  8. I reeeaaaalllly suck at math and I had to take BioChem I and II. I did really well BUT I had to work hard at it.
  9. The question really is which science subject do you enjoy the most? that's going to be your easiet class because you would be good at it, getting good grades would be a breeze then.
  10. Biology 100 is for non-science majors so it should be easy. I have also heard that Geology is very easy.
  11. i took geology (for non-science students) for half of my science credit. i took astronomy for the other half.

    i must admit that i really enjoyed geology although i'm not much of a science person (i studied history)
  12. <<< Hated Science Courses!

    I think geology is the lesser of the 4 evils! LOL!
  13. thanks everyone for the responses!!
    For the people that suggested, i have and its the best!!
    I think Im going to end up going with either geology or enviormental science.
    And I know it has to do a lot with the teacher, so the website^ will be really helpful!

    thanks again for everyones opinion!

    and I have a question for Kam7185 : You said you took online geology, and i was just wondering how that was? Do you think that doing a science on the computer vs. in class was more diffucult? CAuse I was thinking about taking my science class online.I have such a long commute to school! :sad:
  14. i agree w/ everyone. i've taken geology and it's really easy! not much like a science at all.
  15. geology= rocks for jocks...very easy.