Help picking a bag

  1. I have both in leather. Flap is smaller, but has more style. Zip will hold a little more (not much). If you want casual go with the zip. If you want a big more style, go with with flap.
  2. i think i may be leaning towards the flap, I will use it as an everyday bag with my large work bag
  3. I like the zipper better. It still has the visual appeal of the turnlock, but it is slightly bigger and has the added bonus of easier entry with the zipper instead of undoing the flap. Plus, I thought the strap was slightly longer on the zipper bag.

    But both are great bags. Good luck with your decision!
  4. Both are gorgeous but i like the flap better!
  5. definately the zip....better looking and somewhat the signature w/ebony
  6. I think that the flap looks better. They are both very similar though....
  7. I love the flap - i want it in the pink leather this spring
  8. loving the flap. :smile:
  9. just get the one people choose the least that way u won't look like everyone happens with Coachs..:crybaby: :hysteric:
  10. Number 1 for sure.
  11. First one. :yes:
  12. :yahoo: I bought a bag today and I will post pics as soon as it arrives:yahoo:
  13. zip!

    it has a back pocket and two front ones to help you stay organized even before opening the main compartment!

    it's better for me, because i can put my phone in one, my camera in the other and my wallet in the back zipper


    but that's just IMO
  14. Love the flap