Help pick what Classic to get tomorrow for EGC...thinking cerf?

  1. So..I am trying to decide what to get for EGC. I have sunglasses, a wallet and the les marais beige/silver flap picked out but wanted to get a cflassic before the price hike.

    I also get 10% off for opening my card. SO what do I get?

    I already have a jumbo beige, navy, medium blush and a 227 grey reissue.

    Other bags, modern chain hobo, timeless clutch in black and white and the black mademoiselle souple tote.

    I was thinking the Cerf in black with the cc closure, or else the jumbo blacK?

    I've shyed away from the jumbo black right now because i love it so much more in other colors, and think i'd only be buying it because of the looming price increase. Not in love with the jumbo with black.

    But not sure I will love the cerf tote. I haven't been a big fan of handles on it, i like the chain and leather look, but it seems like a very cute functional bag.

    What do you ladies think? Or is there another classic I should be thinking about.
    I really wanted something with color...but that seems impossible to find right now.
  2. How about a GST?
  3. For some reason I am not a fan of the GST....I just don't like the look of the handles. I like my handles on bags to be all streamlined and look the same.

    They are a super cute bag...but I don't LOVE it.....and even with the price increase I still want to LOVE it and not just get a good deal.
  4. What about the classic tote? It's more square than the PST, and it has "all chain link" double chain handles. So it's like a square PST with double chain handles (no shoulder pad). I hope that makes sense!
  5. I know which one you are talking about. I have the same problem with that one as I do the PST/GST, i am not fond of the chains going thorugh the circle like part on the bag. I like it looking attached.

    The cerf looks cute, but I know some people think it looks old ladyish and not young...while others love it...ack.
  6. Hey girl! I'm sooo glad u got the souple bag and are enjoying it! Anyhoo, I was also thinking of getting a cerf in white recently, I almost bought a brown one last year w/cc closure, but got something else (it seems I never get around to getting the classics and they keep going up in price, argghh).

    I think u can dress the bag to look sophisticated or youthful depending on what you wear - jeans, tank, etc so it can go both ways. And I love the simplicity of the bag and tote shape. I prefer the shorter version though.

    If not how about the timeless tote in the more rounded shape? comes in (black, red, patent blk, navy, white). Good luck either way!
  7. what is EGC???:hrmm::confused1:
  8. I have the Black Cerf with Gold CC's and I love it! I'm literally running out the door right now with it with jeans, black flats, and a charcoal sweater. I dress it up or down depending on what I'm wearing... It's a great universal bag- I'm 7mos pregnant and plan on using it as a diaper bag part of the time after the baby is born as well.
  9. IS the cerf as bigger than the GST? Haha...why is it so hard to pick out a bag. Why can't i just win the lotto so I can buy everything.
  10. I love my cerf! roomy, elegant, simple. Fits everything I need and I also dress it up and down. Good luck deciding!
  11. I love the Cerf and think it would be a great timeless addition to your collection.
  12. my vote goes for the cerf as well. i don't find it old lady-ish at all. I love the way it's structured and how the discreet cc lock gives it that understated elegance.;)
    but you can't go wrong between the jumbo flap and the cerf, esp. at 10% off + $300 GC!! :graucho: