Help pick out my first Azur pieces!

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  1. Help me choose between a Totally PM, Speedy 30, and Neverfull MM!
    AND between either a Eva Clutch, Pochette, and Mila MM!
    ...and if anyone has any advice on how to properly care for this type of canvas (what not to wear, what to watch out for, etc), please let me know!​
  2. I'd pick the speedy 30 and Eva clutch. Don't wear any dark denim with the azur as it's prone to colour transfer. I've read that rain and stain helps minimise the occurrence of stains :smile:
  3. Speedy and Eva, in my opinion. Good luck!
  4. "rain and stain"?

  5. I sprayed my Azur Eva down and I still had some color transfer on the vachetta. Since my vachetta is still light I was able to take an eraser to it to rub it off.

    So unless you are wearing white jeans, I would probably never use the Azur Eva crossbody. In which case, you might as well be open to a pochette that will sit on your shoulder anyways.
  6. I love the azur speedy. I also like the azur eva, but never thought about color transfer worn cross-body.
  7. Speedy and Eva or NF (IMO gorgeous in azur) and Eva
  8. Totally and Eva.
  9. Totally and Eva
  10. I would choose Speedy in Azur


    an Eva in Ebene
  11. I have the Eva in Ebene :P

  12. I'll 6th the speedy and eva. People here sure can pick bags. You're in great company. Happy shopping.:yahoo:
  13. I would choose either Totally or Neverfull with Eva. You can even use the Eva as a pochette inside a bigger bag (such as NF) so it can serve even more purposes.
  14. either totally and eva or speedy and eva (prefer it in ebene).
  15. Speedy and Eva