help pick necklace :p

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which necklace?

  1. pearl clover

  2. crystal shine CC

  3. silver blue CC

  4. crystal heart

  5. crystal + pearl camelia

  6. camelia flower black

  7. baby rabbit

  8. baby mouse

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  1. i really want to purchase one necklace that i can use all the time
    i want something small so i double use it with another necklace and pendant.

    which one do u like the most? they are lined randomly not by favourites.

    pearl clover

    crystal shine

    silver blue

    crystal heart

    crystal + pearl camelia

    camelia flower black

    baby rabbit

    baby mouse
  2. I picked the silver blue because it looks like it will go with alot and doesn't look too trendy, but the clover and the rabbit necklace were close seconds. I just re-read that you'd like to match it with something else, so I would go with the silver blue or crystal shine, I think both would look good with pearls too. Do you wear more silver or gold?
  3. I know I'm biased since I just bought the crystal shine necklace ... I picked the crystal shine because it was cute and simple with just a lil' bling to make it interesting. I also bought it since it looked great layered with my white gold diamond cross.
  4. TDF ~ i think crystal heart is timeless & can be worn alone or w other
    things...tough choice...beautiful pieces...
    thanks for sharing!
  5. currently i'm wearing a short necklace with 2 pendants, a horse and a fish. they're white gold and silver.
    i never took em off although i'm layering over gold necklaces :P
    that's my style ha ha ha to layer one thing on top of another, so i don't really mind about which colours or style. as long as they're not big
  6. The crystal heart.
    It looks like it can be dressed up or down...
    I think it's the cutest.
  7. I agree, I also voted for the Crystal Heart.
  8. crystal heart too! i almost bought it at KLCC, its small enough to be layered with other necklaces.
  9. I think that the baby rabbit is so cute. I think it would be noticed for sure, & you are young & can pull it off. It is adorable. Get the more conservative ones when you are my age. lol. For now I'd get the rabbit. It is fun.
  10. I actually just bought the crystal heart. I LOVE it. It is a small gorgeous piece, it is shinny and unique, you can dress it up and down. and not so many people wear it, compare to the crystal cc one.

    I used to have the clover one, it is pretty cute too.
  11. Can you tell me how much is the crystal heart? It is definitely cute :love:
  12. I saw someone wore the black camelia flower and it looked much better IRL.Just a tip ImportedFashion House gives you discount if you buy from them directly (not through ebay)..i never bought from them tho but i was interested in one of their necklaces.
  13. I'm biased, because I have the pearl clover and I love it. And since it has the four leaf clover I like to believe it brings me good luck whenever I'm wearing it. ;)
  14. if ur going to double it up with another pendant i like the crystal shine.
  15. i'm still torn LOL
    please keep on voting gals :smile: