help pick my next bag! PLEASE:)

  1. i just recieved my tax refund... and with a bday coming up (24:yucky: ,) what better way to celebrate than a new bag?

    i have tons of old vintage bags/ clutches, but this past year, after i graduated college and got my first *real* job in nyc, i've turned to some higher end armwork.

    right now, in terms of colors...

    brown- LV cabas mezzo, speedy25
    black- mj black quilted stam hobo
    *fun*- mj moss patent quilted large bowler

    so i have my basic brown/blacks covered, and one *fun* bag... but i'm lost when it comes to zeroing in on a new one. i was thinking maybe ivory/taupe or maroon/red... i like bigger bags (as you can tell) and am completey fine doing it via eBay... i actually prefer doing it that way! (you all helped me get my stam hobo:happydance: !!!) but want something not too trendy, but still eye turning:p i've eyed chloe hobos and would die to own a great big vintage chanel... TIA for any suggestions:cutesy:
  2. What about a little Hermes? They are always head turning, still classic shapes, and you can throw in some fun with a good combination of one of their many fabulous leathers and colours. I think they're great both for work and play.
  3. ^oh, i would love one... forgot to mention i have to stick around $1000...:sweatdrop:
  4. I will go for any classic Louis Vuitton. I love MJ bag but still never think it worth to pay for as it is not that cheap and I always keep my money for Chanel and LV.
  5. oh sorry, i already own the bags i listed:p so no more LV.
  6. Get a BALENCIAGA there are so many beautiful colours about and the new FW season colours are tdf including a yellow and purple - they havent produced those colours since 2004! If you look on eBay you can pick up a steal though on a gently used one - there are also many styles to consider! Why dont you check the balenciaga forum and look at the pics!
  7. ooh- a red bag would be lovely! MJ always has at least one nice red bag- there's a nice bordeaux colored one on called the Julianne and a more discreet burgundy one called the Sofi classic hobo on

  8. Sorry .. :p

    How about Chloe? or Chanel?
  9. ^haha i wasn't very clear.

    i just started looking at the balenciaga forum and i think i might :heart: the hobos! the only thing that bothers me about balenciaga bags is that i see SO many fakes and it turns me off to them:sweatdrop:
  10. :rolleyes:Go with a Gustto. They are awesome. Or, I would say the LV. I have a LV clutch and I adore it. You could get an every day bag for about $700 (Gustto) and then a LV clutch for $450 or so. Then, you have two bags and mildly over budget. Good luck.
  11. I would recommend a Balenciaga. Very edgy and a classic. =)
  12. What about a dior gaucho. Maybe you could get a used one off eBay for your price range.
  13. I vote red and I would do it in a vintage chanel or Balenciaga, as far as fakes go your in NYC people here can tell if it is real or not and the real is so beautiful.
  14. I'd go with red Balenciaga, I actually see more fake LVs than anything but I think it's cause nobody has heard of Bbags where I live! Chanel would be my 2nd choice.
  15. thank you so much for your imput everyone! uch great suggestions:drool: let the search begin...!