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  1. Monogram Koala agenda PM in Rose

  2. Vernis small ring agenda in Pomme d'Amour

  3. Others

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  1. Monogram Canvas Koala Agenda PM (Rose)
    Vernis Small Ring Agenda (Pomme d'amour)

    This is going to be my first agenda, and I like them both.
    I am going to use the agenda as a wallet sometimes.

    Any opinions?
    p10943205_ph_hero.jpg 10295201_main.jpg
  2. I like the Mono better.
  3. mono...the pomme color in the agenda is too bright...i love the color, but for this piece, i think the color overdoes it IMO
  4. I own the mono/rose Koala and I adore it. The closure absolutely sold it to me, along with the pink color of course.
  5. Pomme d'Amour
  6. I really like the mono one.
  7. I have the Monogram Koala and love it. But I have a wallet in the Pomme d'Amour and am in love with I guess I am going to vote for that.
  8. Pommo d'amour!!
  9. Wow, if that darker red is too bright then my rouge vernis Agenda is screaming. Heeeheeheeeheee.

    I say go for the red! Go red! It'll be your "red book!"
  10. These are the exact two agendas that I am trying to choose between. I am interested in your responses.
  11. Koala! Either Damier w/stunning red interior or Mono in orange/rose interior. I double my koalas as wallet also, to me the tradition mono/Damier is more durable than Vernis.
  12. I like the mono koala.
  13. The mono koala is darling but Pomme all the way!! It looks gorgeous :drool:
  14. Vernis Pomme D'Amour Small Ring Agenda vote here! ;)
  15. i have pomme d'amour pretty