Help pick a Vernis Brea GM:)

  1. Hi guys I have been lusting for a Vernis Brea GM for a while now. I am not sure why but I can't stop thinking about getting one! I recently got a Alma MM in Amarante and I also have a Alma MM in Pomme. So if I get a Brea GM what color should I get it in? I like Amarante, Pomme, Rouge Fauviste and Blanc Corail. Which one would look best after the leather starts to patina to? Also what does everyone think of the Vernis Brea GM? Thanks for your help:smile:
  2. I have a Vernis Brea MM, in rouge fauviste. The colour is absolutely amazing!! I caught a girl staring and looking extremely jealous of my bag through my sunglasses once. Before I bought mine I also spotted another girl with it with a nice golden patina. The shoulder straps are great for when hands need to be freed and can be used on other bags.
  3. Blanc Corail since you already have vernis bags in red/purple colors.
  4. Rouge Fauviste!
  5. I think blanc corail would be most stunning but I'd be afraid of color transfer, since you have amarante and pomme Almas I vote for rouge fauviste, although Brea in amarante would look gorgeous with patina...
  6. i have an Amarante Brea MM and love it! since you have an Amarante Alma and Pomme Alma i vote for the Rouge Fauviste.
  7. I have a Brea GM in Amarante and think it is gorgeous. I have babied this bag so I have not gotten any patina yet. As I have mostly used it in the evening for a night out. It is a stunning bag, imo. Although I do think any color would be gorgeous on this bag.
  8. I have a Brea mm in Blanc Corail and an International wallet in the same colour since last week. But I'm very scared to bring it out because it's such a light colour. I even bought a white cosmetic pouch and usually I just put a lipstick in my bag without. It's a stunning bag but I think not for using it daily
  9. rouge fauviste is my pick...its a beautiful color...a pink that both young and old will look good carrying...
  10. Thanks guys! This is such a hard one! Does any one have pics of their Brea's to post? I am also looking for a color that is year round to and for everyday. I live in jeans in the fall/winter and shorts in the summer. I am very casual:smile:
  11. Rouge Fauviste! I have one and love it so much!
  12. RF - l don't think (in IMO) any of the lighter vernis colours look good when the leather gets a darker patina
  13. oooh! tough one. I bought a brea GM in the epi electric - because I didn't want to deal with the vachetta, and the handles being darker/dirtier because of use.

    Because you already have alma's in amarante and pomme, I would probably choose rouge fauviste... Although I think they will be releasing new seasonal colours in the fall, so maybe wait??
  14. Do you know what the new colors will be?:smile:
  15. How about epi electric? Do you like that? I think you already have two of the best colors...I would probably say the would look amazing with a darker patina but color transfer scares me