Help pick a shoulder bag!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I just got 2 new goodies: the Lexington and French purse both in Pomme d'amour vernis :smile:
    But I wana return the Lexington cos it's too small.

    Any ideas for a shoulder bag? Was thinking of another Vernis, but I see the only shoulder bags for the Pomme d'amour are the houston and brentwood which I think are too large for me to take from day to evening. Need something versatile for evenings too, but not too small. Heeeelp!
  2. Roxbury Drive!!

    And congrats on your purchases!
  3. Vernis
    Biscayne Bay

    Monogram Canvas
    Tulum PM
    Popincourt Haut
    Batignolles Horizontal
    Petite Bucket
  4. Congratulations on your new purchases!! Maybe the Roxbury?
  5. I'd suggest the Batignolles Horizontal (if you don't find it too big), or the Tulum PM.
  6. Congrats on the purchases!
    For the bag, I'd go with either the Batignolles Horizontal or the Popincourt Haut or a Vive Cite? Or maybe something in white multicolore? I don't know why but I think the raspberry alcantara lined bags would look great with the Pomme d'Amour vernis.
  7. Mmm, I like the Popincourt but I'm not really into the monogram canvas.
    So that leaves Bedford, Biscayne and Roxy.

    Roxy is a a bit too dressy for me, so I'm not sure I'd carry it off in the day.
    Bedford is really sweet, seriously considering it. But can it be worn on the shoulder?
    First choice though woud be Biscayne, but I read that it's being discontinued, and I didn't see it in the store, maybe I'll call and ask. Hmm, and for choice of colours, maybe Perle :smile: Red bag and red purse might be a bit overwhelming for me, hehe.
  8. The Bedford can be worn around the shoulder.

    As for colors for the Biscayne Bay, I would choose Perle as well. It's such a pretty color!!! :love:
  9. Lexington and a French purse both in Pomme and you're not taking pics and showing us?!?! I wanna see!!

    Biscayne sounds like a great buy for you :biggrin:
  10. I like the bedford and I have seen people wearing it on the shoulders although I think it looks better on the arm instead. Otherwise, I really love the colours of the vernis range.
  11. Aww, called the store and was told the Biscayne Bay in Perle has been discontinued.:sad:
    Oh well, will drop by anyways and maybe will find something I like :smile:
  12. :yes:
  13. Gorgeous pic of them - congrats. I just love that colour.
  14. Hey again you wonderful people!
    So I made the trip to the store to return the Lexington...aaaand I returned with this! Voila!
    Behold the Roxbury in Perle!
    Despite my iinitial apprehensions about it being too dressy, I did a little catwalk around the store and felt that I can pull it off. I can also imagine me carrying this with jeans too, though the SA cauitioned me to wear it on the shoulder to avoid colour transfer :p
    In conclusion, hehe, it was a successful and wonderful shopping trip for the LV Vernis! :yahoo:
  15. Just wanted to share a larger pic :love: