Help Pick a Color- Marion Chain Slouch Shoulder Bag

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  1. Trying to decide between Hudson Bay, Ligh Oak, Pale Apricot or Black. Would like to buy today to take advantage of the $125 off.

    This is to be an everyday work bag/running errands.

    Hudson Bay:

    Ligh Oak:

    Pale Apricot:

  2. This bag in black looks so elegant! But if you have other black bags i guess my next choice would be hudson bay..
  3. I would always go for the black bag but I do have too many black bags... LOL
  4. Went to the store at lunch time, and did not love it black. I like it, but not love it. The blue (hudson bay) was nice, the store didn't have it pale apricot. So long story short, I went with pale apricot for spring and summer! Can't wait for it to get here, I will see when it comes if I would keep that or swap it with the blue one.
  5. Good choice!
  6. I'm glad you got the pale apricot! That would have been my pick. Pale Apricot and Light Oak are hard to differentiate when you open the two links separately... Hope we can see some model pics and reveal pics when you get it!
  7. The store didn't have the same bag in pale apricot and light oak but diffrent bag, in comparison pale apricot is pinker by not much, like it's a warmer tone of light oak. More blush than beige. Really hard to differentiate in the store lighting. I had to read the tag to know which is which.