Help pick 2 bags to buy!

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  1. Decisions, decisions :girlsigh:

    my choices are either Neverful MM or Batignolles vertical

    and a Speedy but which one? :s

    25 or 30?

    mono or damier? :confused1:

    These will be my first LV bags, please tell me what you like best. :smile:

  2. I would get the BV wich is one of my favorite everyday bags and for the speedy i would get the damier 25 or 30. That way you have variety.
  3. Here's my choices :

    1) Neverfull MM
    2) Mono speedy 30
    3) Batignolles V

  4. I would get the bat. vertical and the damier speedy 30.
  5. My vote is for Batignolles vertical & Damier 25!
  6. I vote BV & Damier 30!!!! How exciting!!:yahoo:
  7. :tup:neverfull and monogram speedy 30
  8. So far, there are more votes for BV and damier 30. How interesting! I would have thought as a first speedy everyone would say mono. Its very close! Keep voting, this is exciting! And so much fun! I love tpf!
  9. neverfull and speedy damier
  10. batignolles vertical and mono speedy 30
  11. BV and Speedy 30. :smile:
  12. BH and a speedy 30.
  13. Neverfull & Damier Speedy 30
  14. My votes are for the Neverfull and the Damier speedy 30...Good luck with your bag search...
  15. 1) Mono BH
    2) Damier Azur Speedy 30