HELP! Phone interview with Saks!

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  1. I need help with interviewing. I have a phone interview with Saks next Monday for a Financial Analyst position. What should I expect? I get really nervous when I interview and I usually don't get hired. Any tips to sound more confident and sound less nervous??

  2. just try and remain calm as hard as that is when it comes to interviews. brush up on your finance basics just in case. take deep breaths. try checking they usually have good interview tips. also try googling phone interviews.

    Good Luck!! The job sounds very interesting and think of the discounts wow!!
  3. breathe...since its via phone, you may wnat to jot down thoughts or have notes in front of you

    and if to keep you calm you could doodle to keep your hands busy so you'll be more relaxed during the interview
  4. Keep your resume in front of you when you're on the phone so you can refer to it. Speak slowly and with confidence. Before your interview, write down notes of what you would like to mention to the interviewer. Tell them at the end of the interview that you really enjoyed speaking with them and you hope they seriously consider you as a candidate!
  5. ohh goodluck! I would love to have a job in a department store, just remain calm, and perhaps jott down some notes that you may say beforehand, just incase. Definantely act confident and serious! goodluck!
  6. Best Of Luckk :heart:
  7. thanks everyone :smile:
    now that i think about it i think a phone interview will be better because i can have notes in front of me!
  8. Yup! Notes are a great idea! If you have time, even script a few lines for questions you think they'll ask you.

    Hell, I write out scripts for leaving answering machine messages. Otherwise, with all my "umm"s an "aah"s, I sound like a dork.