Help!!! Pewter crash or black crash for BE?

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  1. Hi all,

    Well, I was able to find a pewter in the crash, but everyone here seems to love their black crash, now I"m totally confused....

    Should I just go for it and take a chance with the pewter hoping it's not too loud? Or wait for a black crash.

    I can't believe how much time I"m thinking over this one handbag with color selection. I wish there was a local store because it's so hard with the internet and without trying it on.

    Thanks ladies, for your help.
  2. The pewter looks beautiful on the gals here...Personally, I would probably go with the black crash, but that's only because that's about as "daring" as I would go in my wardrobe. I'm really a really conservative dresser (i.e. boring), so the black crash would even be pretty bold for me!

    What is your wardrobe like? Do you see yourself carrying it off well? If you don't think you are going to be comfortable with it, definitely don't get the pewter and wait for the black crash (may be a long one - though Jackie now has a Black Crash Indulge Me available on her site!). You have to love what you are wearing and how you wear it to make it work!
  3. Thanks for trying to help my decision process....

    My wardrobe is extremely casual. On most days, it's jeans and tops with a LL Bean type of parka and my Merrel's or Ugg's. I"m a stay at home mom.

    I guess I'm more conservative, but, I do like my handbag to stand out a bit and get noticed. But not too noticed. See where my trouble is???? I'm confused.

    Will the black crash make a nice statement?

    Is the pewter more for the younger crowd? And do you think metallics are a fad now and might be out in a year or two?

    Oh the colors I wear are reds, pinks, blues, lavenders, greys and browns. Rarely do I wear black and my shoes are normally brown. Does that help?
  4. The black may seem to be more practical, but I prefer the pewter. The pewter would go well with the clothing you regularly wear, and definitely not be too "young". Metallics are trendy now, but in my opinion pewter is more wearable for everyday than silver, bronze or gold and feels more timeless. I have a limited edition Coach bag in gunmetal/pewter I was given over 10 years ago. It looked great then and still does now. I've carried it off and on over the years.
  5. Thanks for your help with the colors I wear. I'm terrible with matching colors so that's why I need a bag that will go with everything and I won't have to worry.

    Okay, so you think that the metallic is okay for a stay at home mom? I want a handbag that I will feel comfortable wearing to my kids parent/teacher conference as well as just around town/everyday.

    Part of me says, stay "safe" and stick with the black because I know I will never worry about wearing that color out, but, the other part, says to take a chance and try something different and more fun.

    I love wearing handbags that make me "smile". For instance, I just bought this really pretty burgundy and I just love it because the color is so different. I always see black handbags wherever I look.

    But, I don't really have a black handbag in my collection either and if ever I were to get one , it would definetely be this one because the black crash looks great.

    I"m probably still confusing you.... Sorry.
  6. I look at it this way -- pretty much everyone makes a bag in black, so you will never have a shortage of fanatsic bags to choose from in this color. Since you love this style and it's offered in pewter, which isn't so common, go with the pewter, because you can always buy a black in this or any other style/brand. Pewter is distinctive, yet tasteful and fine for everyday, and you'll probably really enjoy it. I rarely carry a black handbag, with the excpetion of my black Chloe Bay Bag, even though I wear a lot of black. I prefer bags with a bit of color.
  7. I think your right. Why not try the pewter?

    I find myself just like you, rarely wearing a black bag. And I do love the "crash" so why not try pewter. I shouldn't be so afraid of it because I do enjoy different things a lot.

    I'll be sure to keep everyone here posted. Thanks again.
  8. Do you have pictures?
  9. I say black crash, because then you can really use it every time. Let's say you were going to travel, and you have a black raincoat. Would you wear a pewter bag with a black raincoat? A black would look much better. I know the pewter is sort of "neutral" -- but it is also the current fashionable trend. So while we all love pewter...I do not think pewter has the staying power of black. I don't mean to offend or discourage the ladies who bought pewter. It all depends on your bag buying habits, your bag usage habits, your bag selling habits. All I know is that for me, at this price point, I got a black crash, because it will be the bag I always use for travel when I want a big, gorgeous shoulder bag.
  10. I love pewter bags. I think they're more versatile than black, actually. Like gray, but with more pop. You can wear it with both dark clothing AND light clothing. Pewter is subtle enough that it doesn't really fall into the metallic fad, IMO. If your clothing is conservative, the bag will stand out more and also be able to "dress up" your outfit. Nothing makes an outfit more exciting like a great bag. And I would definitely wear a pewter bag with a black raincoat!

    In the end, go with whichever bag you love!
  11. Can you purchase both, decide and return one? That is what I would do if they have a return policy. I tend to agonize as well, and realized that it was taking too much time and effort, both physically and mentally!

    Good luck!!!