Help! Petite Noe or regular Noe?

  1. I am 5'5'' and average figure, which one fit me better? Will regular Noe too big for me?

    Thank you!!:sweatdrop:
  2. sorry I mis-spelled it, it should be a "petit" instead of "petite" Noe.
  3. I personally like the look of the regular Noe, probably because of the vachetta on the bottom. I do not like how the petit noe's mono trim goes all the way to the bottom.
  4. i believe i have a has vachatta on the bottom as well...... ?

    but it suited me better, im 5 7!! the other one was WAY to big i mean i guess i would have gotten it for books or something but even as it is, this one is huge and fits a CRAZY amount!
  5. petite :biggrin:
  6. i have the regular size in mono, and i LOVE it! that's where my vote goes!
  7. Petite. It's a great everyday bag.
  8. I just got the Noe and at first thought that it was big...but after seeing the other options...the regular noe looks much nicer for some reason..maybe the leather on the bottom or something but...

    I vote for the regular noe....
  9. Another Petit vote here!!! Good luck on the decision. ;)
  10. yes, but the petit does not have the vachetta trim on the sides.
  11. ummm ok maybe i got them confused because i do have a strip down the sides and on the bottom of the bag and around the rim? it was 7 something i think?

    i thought it was the middle sized one...not the huge one but not the tiny one!

    AHHH im so confused now...WHAT DO I HAVE?
  12. Thank you guys so much!!! I greatly appreciate it!!!
    Yes I do read some of the old threads voting on the Noe. Looks to me that voting goes half and half...
    Right now I kinda think red epi petit Noe might be a good choice?
  13. You should go for the petit just to warm up. :yes: I bought the regular noe first but it's way too big for me to use everyday...I've hardly used it since buying it. I've constantly debated on whether or not I should trade it in for a damier neverfull gm (which would hold more, but straps might be flimsy) or an epi noe (yellow, but my be stiffer than canvas) because the vachetta is high maintenance. The petit holds a ton and I can minimize its size better than the regular noe when I don't have a lot of stuff (which is what I usually do since I don't carry a lot on a daily basis).

    I'd only recommend getting the regular if you want to use it as a travel bag, book bag, or diaper bag...or if you tend to carry a lot of things during the day (although I've heard some big bag ladies find this bag a little too big for their liking...).

    I think a red epi petit noe would look hot! Let us know what you get!
  14. Petite :yes:
  15. petit is cuter, reg is more utilitarian