Help! Perfume spot on my City! Water spots on my LE City!


Jan 31, 2010
Los Angeles
Help! I'm having a double emergency! I think I just got a perfume spot on my Pourpre GGH City! It seems to be drying out only in the's leaving a round darker circle around it! HELP ME PLEASE! And my LE Lime Green GGH city seems to fade with every water drop it catches! I've only used it like 3 times! I don't put any products on my Bbags. Has anyone had this same problem? Please help me solve this...if there even is a solution! I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! Thank you! TIA!
Sep 26, 2007
is your perfume clear? or tinted? anyway, a chunk of burger meat fell onto my bag once and i was able to remove the oil stain entirely by soaking the leather up with a TON of baby powder on top, let it sit overnight for about 2 days straight. i would check each night, and put on a new batch of baby powder to absorb again, until the stain is entirely gone.

can you post photos of both bags? sometimes one may think the leather is fading due to water drops but in fact the leather is just very dry and need a coat of moisturizing conditioner allover for the color to renew its saturation.

let's see some photos !

if i were you i would immediately order products from Lovin' My Bags, having this kit in hand saves tons of headaches and panic attacks !