HELP! Perfect white bag for summer? Does it exist?

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  1. I've been looking for a perfect white bag for about 2 months now. Summer is around the corner but I'm still undecided, just can't find anything that would fulfill all my criteria. I need some extra opinions, please.
    So, I am looking for a purse that is snow-white (or light ivory at least), is roomy enough to fit a fashion magazin, a wallet, ipod, a phone and a small water bottle. My budget is under 1200$ or 1500$ but for something VERY special and classic.I've been doing some journalistic research into LV and I Love Suhali leather, but all bags start around 2000$ :sad:. There are other bags I love to consider, like Luella Giselle, but I doubt they sell it anywhere but Ebay now, plus it's deemed a little unfashionable now. I don't want just a hobo, I'd love something hand-held, maybe with an option of tucking it under my arm-pit. Oh, and I' need a zipper clusure too. My perfect bag is the one Nicole is carrying here, but in white. However, it's Chanel, therefore probably a lot of $$$$$$$$$ and probably vintage as I don't see this size around much. I don't want anything too inexpensive because I want it to last and I like my brands. :heart: Any suggestions? Any white bags you have and love to have? Please, it's such a dilemma.:confused1:

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  2. hi my favourite will be LV epi ivory Petite Noe ($975) or epi ivory Alma ($1090). Celine's Bittersweet Large Bag ($1200) and Bittersweet East/West Hobo ($980) seems nice too :smile:
  3. Furla makes a bag called the April that satisfies all your requirements but it isn't as popular of a designer like LV or Channel. Furlas are well made though.

    Here is a pic from the Furla website. It just went on sale too from $725 to $507 for the large size. It comes in a medium and a large. Both sizes will fit under the arm and there is a zippered compartment.


    Nordstrom also carries it all full price in case you want to see more pics; including pics of the inside. There are actually 3 large compartments to the bag to keep everything organized. Nordstrom didn't get the white though...
  4. There's the LV Epi Ivory Speedy 25 for $840 or the Epi Bowling Montaigne in Ivory for $1500. I'll keep looking, though.

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  5. Oh yeah, I love Noe but it's on the drawstring and since I like walking around on busy streets, I just don't think it's very safe.
    Celine?! I totally forgot about that brand. It's one of those that I never immideatly think of, but I agree, it's lovely.
  6. Omg, I can't believe Furla is so expensive! I had a furla bag when I was 14 and it was like 200$ then! I agree, it's a cute bag though... I'm not in US right now, so I'll have to check it out in the furla sture, luckily it's just across the street :graucho: Thanks for making me pay attention to them again.
  7. I know that line, they are so clever to finally produce it! Not sure about the Montaigne, it's a tad too pricey for me but Speedy is sure lovely, 25 is a bit small. I am waiting for the mono 35 to be brought to me from France in couple of weeks, we'll see how I like it. I debated over and over about getting it since a lot of people consider it tacky, but whatever, I like to be "generic" from time to time if it means class and quality! Epi doesn't sag, does it? I'll go check it out in the store tommorow. Thanks for the tip!
  8. There's a Marc Jacobs Patchwork Caroyln Satchel in Ivory for $1250 and a Prada Leather Tote for $1490.

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  10. the only white bag I own right now is my Furla Medium Farrah. I love the roominess and it does have zippers. Not too big, not too small.
    It was really affordable too - I think I paid around $500 with tax.

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