help~pen marks in bag

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  1. i just found out there'r lots of pen marks inside my damier papillon 30...i think it's been there at least a few days..does anyone know how to get rid of the pen marks? thx
  2. try a magic eraser.
  3. thx bag fetish..

    any other suggestions? or should i bring it to lv boutique and see if they can do sth with it??
  4. The boutique won't help with pen marks...
  5. oww...nth can remove the pen marks completely?
  6. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove pen from the lining of a Multicolore bag?
    It's like suede inside, it's black MC so the lining is like grey (not bright red like the white one).
    Any tips? That will remove it without damaging the lining or fading it?