Help! Pen Mark on Satin Bustier :(

  1. There's a blue mark from a ball point pen on my new satin bustier top - the kind usually worn for formals paired with a skirt. The mark is 3/4" long but not clearly visible since it's almost near the side seam. Is there any way I can get it out? The material is polyester-lycra and it's silver/light grey in colour. I did a search but it only turned up pen marks on bags, not clothing and I'm afraid if I try those tips it'll damage the material or affect the colour of my top :s I hope someone out there can help me, TIA!
  2. The only solution really: go to the best drycleaner in town and ask them to remove it. If not then you are out of luck but hoping for the best for you!
  3. I have used a tide pen on pen marks on my silk dress. I also used it for red pen marks on my wedding dress. It worked beautifully.
  4. shout wipe?
  5. I know that aerosol hairsparay works on pern marks...but I am not sure if it will work on satin!!! I would also probably take it to the drycleaners and see what they can do!!
  6. I agree - the drycleaners can get it out. They have gotten pen marks, red and black, out of white silk for me before.
  7. Thank you ladies for the advice! I read that rubbing alcohol could work although I haven't tried it yet.