HELP!!!! Pen mark inside my TREVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. *gulp*.......I was searching through my baby trevi today when I noticed.......*double gulp* blue pen on the red lining inside the large pocket. :wtf:

    it's my first lv and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get pen off the lining. I know that on clothes I've used hand sanitizer which tends to take the color out, but smudge it more along the fabric - does anyone have any ideas??? TIA!

    I also just borrowed my mom's ph for the next few weeks, but now i don't trust myself to use hers...:push:
  2. awwwwww im sorry to hear about that :sad: maybe baby wipes?
  3. I have used hairspray on a q-tip before ... really scrub with the q-tip
  4. how abt rubber for ink marks....try rubbing it off? THat u can buy at stationary shop....

    else send to professional bag cleaners...

    i ever seen a taiwan talk show (nu ren wo zhui da)..they featured this special rubber used to rub off ink marks...n its not cheap...n only those bag cleaners sell it
  5. You know...I've never tried this, but aren't there laundry products that claim to remove ink stains? Oxyclean comes to mind, but I really don't know how harse the detergent is.
  6. You can mail to LV. My experience is that they response very soon.
  7. I would cut off a tiny TINY piece of makeup remover or baby wipe to try to get it out.