Help! Peeling Vernis

  1. I have had the Vernis billfold in Framboise for less than 1 year.
    I rotate between that and my other wallets every 2-3 months.
    I am so careful!!! But I am starting to see tiny bits of peeling at the
    edges where the wallet "folds" and some puckering there as well.
    I'm afraid a bigger piece might peel off!!! What to do about this?
    I am very sad...
  2. Sorry to hear that, do you have the pics to show us??

    can you take to the stoire?? may be it's to see the pics ..
  3. RETURN IT! unless you had it soaking in a bath of water...... no i would expect it to be defected.
  4. its normal for the folding section to have some small crack after using them for a while, my spring street corner like that 2, it wont easily peel, i bought the bag in 2000 and the crack started like a few years later due to the design, but thats it, no peeling
  5. I agree with bagsnbags, take it to the store, see what they say.
  6. do u have a pic?
  7. Wow. My Spring streets (2) are also from 2000 date code, and I bought them used and there is no cracking whatsoever. I have rose and silver... what color is your springstreet?
  8. That's terrible. I have framboise zippy and no problems, but I'm not using it as much as you are... I'd take it back to the store and think Nita's right, that it could be a defect. I also have framboise brentwood and no problems whatsoever and use it fairly often....

    I'd get an LV counter opion...:sweatdrop:
  9. Original poster here:

    I took the opinion of you lovely ladies and went over to the store(NYC 59 St Bloomingdales) where I bought it. They suggested reglazing so I sent it out today. The asst manager Andrew Malitzis was super-nice.
    He said let's get it reglazed and then take it from there...I hope it works!

  10. Good luck, please keep us posted.

    I wished to see before and after pics..
  11. Cool! didn't know you could reglaze vernis,,, that's awesome, since I have a few vernis pieces, thanks for this post!!!:yes:
  12. wow, thank you for the great info!!

    i am so sorry to hear about your vernis (i have koala in framboise on the way and i've been using small agenda in same color...) but sounds like LV will take care of your wallet!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. awww, that stinks! At least they can fix it.
  14. me either, that is awesome!! did it cost anything?
  15. red/rose ... there should be a small crack on the middle folding at the corner side, maybe its just mine, but it wont peel off, its just because the leather is bent