Help!! Pebble or Tempete Men Day..??? Cannot Decide..


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Dec 9, 2008

I first posted here several days ago that I am trying to find a Men Day here in UK. After several phone calls and e-mails, I found that only Harvey Nichols, London carries the model. However they only have one in black which is not a colour of my choice. Tired and frustrated, I decided to call Paris Store directly.

Well, it turned out that I can order straight from them and there are several colour available at the store: Black, Pebble, Tempete, and Dark Brown. I was so excited when I heard the SA said Pebble and Tempete. Wow, my first two choices are available to order..!!

Now, I need your help!! After many hours I still cannot make a decision between the two. Btw, I am a small straight guy (5'7 145 ). I do like Tempete a bit more but reckon that it would only go well with casual outfits like T-shirt and Jean. Whereas I can use Pebble much more frequent and as well with my work outfits (white shirt, tie, and black pants).

The other factor is my other bags. I have several Mulberry, Gucci, and Belstaff. Most of them are in dark grey and brown. Tempete would bring a very different mood and feel to my collection whereas Pebble would not standout from others at all.

Hmm... This is a very hard choice to make. Please help me decide.. :confused1:
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Dec 9, 2008
Too bad, I just received an email from balenciaga. The SA wrote me that they got confused between Men Day and Men Square and there is no Tempete for Men Day. What a shame..!!

There is a new problem then. I am now have to decide between the old 2008 style (different leather strap) in Marine, Electric Blue, Camel, Khaki, or Silver grey, or the new 2009 style (same leather strap) in Black, Pebble, or Noix.

The choice seems to be even harder to make...


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Apr 12, 2008
Before reading your post, I think I'd pick Pebble (I prefer this color on guys. More mature and sophisticated? I feel like Tempete's more casual and on the younger side) but after reading your post, I think it sounds like you prefer Tempete, but only afraid that you won't be able to use it that often. Well, I own both and Tempete also goes well with any other colors. It's also a great neutral, just a bit on the blue side though. I think you should get the color you love coz you will find ways to use it more often anyway. Tempete's one of those great colors that wear well with most of the colors it paired with. My only concern is that I'm just not sure if Men's Day will go well with suits. One of my guy friends said he has to let go of his because he feels it doesn't go well with his office clothes. He wear suit and jacket though. I think only a shirt should be ok, KWIM?

For a great Tempete's pix, I think you should see Misty4's pix. It's a great color that change according to light and her pix are great.


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Jan 19, 2009
Thanks for the referral, vink ;)

I second that for me, personally, I prefer more neutral colors for guys (read blacks, browns, greys). But like vink mentioned, it looks like you're opting more for color. Tempete is a "neutral color," color, if that makes sense. It's a fantastic option that goes with an amazing amount of other colors, yet you still get some accent color. You should definitely go with what you feel yourself gravitating towards, especially since you have your neutral palette of colors with the different designer bags. If you don't mind keeping the bbag as your casual color with t-shirt and jeans (plus it'll force you to rotate bags more often :flowers:), it's a great choice. If I were you, and I wanted color, I'd go for tempete too (obviously, I did). :P

Links to more pictures:


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Oct 13, 2007
I haven't seen a pic of the new men's day style with the same leather strap so please post some pictures if you decide to get this style. I wonder how they've done the strap but I'd say go for the new style. I always found the older style different leather strap slightly odd.

Pebble (galet) is gorgeous, neutral, very wearable. What's stopping you?