Help...paypal Refund Long?

  1. does Anyone Know How Long I Should Expect To Wait For A Refund That Is Stated As "pending"?

    Here's The Story...purchased A Vintage Prada Kelly Bag From A Seller With Excellent Feedback And Who Seemed Confident On Authenticity And Provided Many Pictures, Etc. The Bag, Honestly, Looks Great But I Instantly Noticed The Lack Of Logo Markings On The Hardware. I Suspected It Was A Good Fake. I Contacted The Seller Who Did Not Admit It Was Fake But Did Finally Admit She Purchased In On eBay Herself. I Told Her I Would Take It To Prada...just To Be Sure She Was Right. I Suspected At This Point She Simply Was Not Familiar With Prada Merchandise And May Have Been Duped Herself. I Only Paid About $160.00 For The Bag So I Was Not Getting Crazy. Well, Took It To Prada And We Inspected The Cards Together And The Authenticity Cards Belonged To Another Bag...end Of Story, It Is A Fake. I Contacted The Buyer With This Info And She Was Seemingly Very Cooperative And Sent Profuse Apologies Saying She Did Not Mean To Decieve Me. She Told Me To Keep The Bag Or Burn It And She Would Issue A Full Refund Which She Did Right Away. Well, The Refund Was Issued On 2/15 Saying It Was Pending Her Having Enough Funds In Her Account. How Long Should I Wait??? I Would Think 5 Days More Than Sufficient, No? I Emailed Paypal And Have Not Heard Back Yet...any Advice...please????
  2. I think the refund should go through soon. It has probably already cleared her bank account, but PayPal is slow in posting it. It isn't the seller fault, it is just how PayPal does the refunds.
  3. I was just thinking it seemed like a long time...I remain hopeful that the seller is on the up and up...honestly, she seemed really upset when I proved it was a fake.
  4. Yes, it should be fine. It takes a couple of days to get from her bank account to the paypal accout. Then it takes a couple more days for paypal to finalize it. Remember, yesterday was a bank holiday. If it is pending, you should be good to go.
  5. Thanks...I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. The "Pending" means they have no funds in the account and are withdrawing funds from the account attached to the account. Look to see if this seller has anything listed for sale, or has sold anything since the she made the refund. I would email the seller immediatly to why the payment is pending..if you feel un easy file a report with Pay Pal. I am sorry to say Pay Pal may also try to deduct the money to refund you but if there is no money in the account there hands are tied. Hopefully this is a small time seller and they are trying to get the money together for your refund...good luck.
  7. She has two items up for a very expensive Chanel outfit and another pair of Chanel flip flops...she has made purchases since my pending refund but they look small...What do you think?
  8. If she transferred the money from her checking account (that is, she didn't have a balance sitting in her account) it would take 5 business days. You have time to file with PayPal if there's a problem, but this looks like a refund in process.
  9. Yeah it takes awhile. It took me about 8 days to get money back from a seller who never sent my item.
  10. Paypal actually emailed me back and told me to expect the refund by the 22nd...thanks to everyone for all your help...I was getting a little nervous.
  11. Update...just received the refund...YAY!
  12. Yay! :yahoo: