Help! Paypal problem

  1. I have sold a brand new Tivoli PM on eBay last week. The buyer hasn't purchased any expensive items before on eBay, she was too scared of being scammed. So she contacted me first and I have been talking to her almost everyday now and I told her that the bag is authentic. She sent me her payment on Wednesday and I shipped the bag via Fedex that same day.

    Well, I received an email from Paypal today. I am confused. Her bank reversed the payment? I called her today and she told me that she didn't do any chargebacks and nothing's wrong with her credit card. She really wants the bag.

    Here's what it says:
    Dear xxxx xxxx,
    We were recently notified that a payment you received was reversed by the buyer’s bank. A bank reversal can be requested by the bank itself or the bank account holder.

    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until our inquiry is complete.

    We are reviewing the bank reversal and will contact you again via email with information on what to do next. You may be asked to provide additional information about this transaction.

    Thank you for using PayPal!
    The PayPal Team

    When she sent the payment, I quickly transferred the money to my bank account. Now, since there are no available funds in Paypal, I had a huge (-) negative in my account. She hasn't received the bag yet, it'll get to her by Tuesday next week. What should I do? I'm getting scared. If they're going to take away the money. I need my bag back.

  2. You might want to contact paypal yourself. Give them the FedEx info so they have your proof of mailing.

    Tell them that you spoke directly with the buyer and she denies doing a chargeback. If I were you I'd email her and get her to admit it in writing.
  3. Paypal is not your friend. Wait until they pull the money back from your bank...
  4. Ok I will call Paypal right now and see what they'll say.
  5. OMG... let us knwo the outcome...:tup:
  6. I just called Paypal. Looks like her bank thought it was a fraudulent transaction. She just needed to call her bank and tell them that she authorized that payment. I'm hoping that is all. I'm just going to let her know this. We'll see...just scared because of what's going on right now with eBay/Paypal. This will be my last transaction with them.
  7. Let us know what she say.
  8. Ugh...I hope the buyer is being honest with you and is not trying to scam you.
  9. This is where Paypal is supposed to 'protect' you next time you communicate with them make sure you tell them that you know your rights in this issue as it is specified in their the seller protection policy. Hopefully you did follow those to a T, most importantly of all, shipping to a confirmed address and requiring signature confirmation on payments of $250 or more.

    11. Seller Protection Policy.
    1. 11.1 Benefits. The Seller Protection Policy, which applies only to Verified Business and Premier Accounts, reimburses sellers of certain types of goods who follow certain sound selling practices. If your transaction meets the qualification requirements for the Seller Protection Policy, PayPal will reimburse you for the amount of the Chargeback or Reversal and, if applicable, waive the Chargeback Fee.
    2. 11.2 Coverage. The Seller Protection Policy is limited to the following payout amounts per year for combined eligible Chargebacks and Reversals:
      • $5,000.00 USD
      • $6,500.00 CAD
      • €4,000.00 EUR
      • £3,250.00 GBP
      • ¥550,000 JPY
      • $7,000.00 AUD
      • 6,500.00 CHF
      • 3,300.00 NOK
      • 40,000.00 SEK
      • 31,000.00 DKK
      • 16,000.00 PLN
      • 1,080,000 HUF
      • 120,000.00 CZK
      • $8,100.00 SGD
      • $38,000.00 HKD
      • $7,700.00 NZD
      Please note that the combined annual total may not exceed the limit for any one currency.
      A Chargeback is covered if it was due to non-receipt of merchandise, or an unauthorized payment. A Reversal is covered if it was due to an unauthorized payment. The Seller Protection Policy does not cover Claims for Significantly Not as Described or for non-receipt of merchandise, or sales of intangible goods, services, or licenses for digital content. PayPal Claims are not covered by the Seller Protection Policy. For more information on winning a PayPal Claim see the Buyer Protection Programs section of this agreement.
  10. I had that happen to me when I bought a bag at LVR. They thought it was suspicious and the bank held my money.

    Have your buyer contact the issuing bank to release the funds.

  11. Ok question... does your transfer show up as "completed" or "pending"? If it is pending, it will be stopped/reversed by Paypal. If it shows "completed" you are safe ... UNTIL you attempt to use Paypal to pay something else (anything on eBay or even your eBay fees), this is when they will piggyback the negative and transfer it to Paypal.

    If you are currently using Paypal as your method of payment for eBay fees, cancel that immediately and switch it to a credit or debit account.

    And yes Paypal is nobody's friend. You need to demand that they apply the seller protection policy to protect you.
  12. Thanks for the great info. And yes, I also shipped the item to a confirmed address with insurance that requires signature.
  13. The transfer was completed...whew! So I guess I'm safe. This definitely helps knowing I have some kind of protection as a seller.
  14. If I was you I will contact FedEx to check if you can stop the delivery. Good Luck!
  15. ^U cant stop a delivery