Help!!! Paypal/bank Questions!

  1. someone wants to buy two of my handbags, through paypal or sending a bank transfer.

    we both have the same bank and i've never done a bank transfer before. i don't write checks and i've never given my account number out to anyone before, so i don't know if this is safe.

    also, since i'm sending two bags, if she pays me through paypal and i send her two handbags, will i be covered if i ship with USPS signature confirmation, insurance, via priority mail, and she has a confirmed US address?

    please help, i want to know if i can get screwed in ANY way. since it's going to be a transaction for $2300 so I especially don't want to get burned on this. thanks!!!
  2. I would have it sent through paypal. She can choose to pay for both items in one transaction and as long as each bag was in its seperate eBay auction, you would still have paypal seller protection. Just be sure to send them with signature confirmation and insurance....

    good luck!
  3. it's not through eBay though... the items aren't on eBay at all, i haven't listed them. it told her about them and she offered to send through bank transfer or paypal.

    she also called me and sounds like an absolute sweetheart, she talked to me a long, long time about my bags and stuff.

    so it's not through ebay, just through paypal. is that ok still??
  4. If it is not through ebay, then you will not have as much protection from paypal.

    ETA: Since you are the seller, you should be ok though. Make sure you use signature confirmation and insurance and read the seller protection policy carefully.
  5. yeah, no protection from paypal but still have to pay paypal fees. since it is not through ebay....i don't know... maybe usps money order?
  6. since you spoke to her on the phone and feel comfortable, it's really up to you. I sold my car (very different, I know) and met the buyer when she came to see it, etc... we ended up doing a bank wire transfer b/c it was easy for both of us and it was quick and there were no fees associated for either of us. I did have to give her my routing # and account #, but I was comfortable with doing so... In my case, I told her that she could pick up the car as soon as the transfer had posted (not pending transaction). I also made sure to have her info (addres, phone, etc). Wire transfers are very easy and no fees (at least at my bank) if you trust the person....
  7. I actually have a second bank account set up just for bank transfers. I keep the balance at zero - as soon as someone transfers money to me, I move it to another account. Giving out your account for a bank transfer is not really any more risky than writing a check. In a way, it's more risky for the buyer because she has no reversal mechanism - once the money is transferred, it's yours.
  8. ok... thanks so much for the info...

    so if i do a bank transfer (i don't use my bank of america account, like ever, so there's probably only like $30 in it) is there any way that she could use my account number and routing number badly against me? she said she only needs my account number, name, and zip code.

    so what's the danger in this?
  9. I don't think there is any real danger - it's no more dangerous than your writing a check, and probably less so, since she won't have your signature. But if you're worried, give BofA a call and see what they say. I have never had an issue with it, but maybe I'm a bad example. ;)
  10. i agree with the others who've said there is no risk in bank transfers. it's no more risky than writing checks, which people do all the time with no problems. do the bank transfer as you will be MORE protected because you don't expose yourself to the possibility of a paypal claim.