Help!! Pay Question!

  1. My paypal account shows funds have left my account but the seller says it has not cleared her account yet?? Were talking $3100 here:sweatdrop: Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. hmmm.. maybe because it is a large amount they are doing a little research. i would call paypal and find out. there are also times when depending on how you pay, it will show in paypal but not eBay...hope she's not trying to get you...
  3. if it was an e-check, it can show it's gone on your side, but it still shows "uncleared" to the seller. I'm going through that right now. A buyer paid with e-check on 8/31 and the funds won't be "cleared" until 9/11.
  4. Even a regular refund takes a day or so to "clear."
  5. In some cases the money may be in in her account in "unclaimed" status too. This is usually new sellers who haven't upgraded their accounts but I think it can happen in other situations.