Help! Patent Muse Confusion!

  1. Helloooo
    it's my first time posting in the eBay forum.
    There was an auction of a patent YSL Muse for a BIN of 350.
    I got it authenticated, and the auction ended because someone BINed.
    However, i messaged the seller, and offered a better price, yes i know i was wrong, but i asked if the seller would be getting more in.
    The seller said my price would do.
    But i wonder.. Why sell it to me, if someone BINed?
    Could it have been the seller who hit that button?
    I checked the feedback, and it has no negatives, and is a star seller.
    The feedback is all positive from selling designer things.
    I'm scared of being scammed..
    So what do i do?
  2. Don't do it.

    $350 for a (new) Muse seems WAY too good to be true IMHO. Even the sale bags were more than that. If you post the auction in the YSL forum, we can help you to authenticate it, but just based on what you've said, I think I'd be backing out. It just seems a bit fishy (to me.) Granted, I am extremely weary of eBay but still...