HELP! Part Time, City or Work.

  1. Hi Ladies,

    So I finally wore my DH down and he agreed to let me get a bag in a few weeks, so the search is on!! Yipee!!
    Now, can any of you tell me what the difference between the part time and the city is? I am definitely a big bag girl, I just don't want anything too huge. It looks like I would love the work but the handles seem too short? I am not exactly skinny if you know what I mean :rolleyes: and the city seems big but I have read lots of posts that it isn't big enough?? Confusing!! Also I should mention I can't locate a BBag I can look at anywhere near my home, the closest store is Neimans and it's almost 400 miles away!! Argg! So I HAVE to order it. And the color?? So many shades of brown now! I think it's between the truffle and cafe but what do I know? I havent seen them in person. Picture don't seem to do the colors justice, I am nervous to order something I don't like!! I want a dark brown but not leaning towards black/grey. Sorry for ranting. Need help! You ladies seem to know a lot!!
  2. CONGRATS on your future Bbag! You can learn a lot from If you want a dark brown that doesn't look too dark I would say you might want to consider marron.
  3. A part time is longer than a city and has roomier handles and a if u like big bags, the PT might be for you if you don't mind the longer length...

    A work is the perfect size for those who like big bags I think...but the problem would be the handles and no strap...

    a marron 06 is a really deep darker brown that is very sophisticated! I own two marrons and I love this brown the most!
  4. I have the work in truffle and it is just gorgeous, but to me, the downfall of that is the work has no shoulder strap. If you want a larger bag that is not too large, go with the part time. It is not huge, just a little longer than the city, however, it does have a shoulder strap. I have attached a picture of the truffle work and my Natural Part time for you. Happy Hunting!!!:search:
    bags 026.jpg bags 024.jpg bags 027.jpg
  5. If you love big bags, go for the Work!! No strap, but you will adjust - I have a Weekender (even bigger and no strap) and it is great!!
    And I LOVE the pics of Cafe I've seen on this forum...
  6. Here is a pic of CityChris' Cafe City :drool::drool:
  7. if u're asking me, i'll answer the work!

    colours? i kinda like black :p but dark bown or marroon is a great versatile too.
    if u wear lot of blacks, the brown will stand out more.
  8. I would have to say get a Cafe Work. That color is just gorgeous, so rich. And I think it would be the perfect size if you like larger bags.
  9. HI, i will also go for the work too........:love: :love:
  10. i have a PT and it has the best of all worlds. by its handle it can be hand carry, crook of arm, shoulder, sling across by the strap, and it has the room. if you dont mind E/W, i think this is a great shape.
  11. Work
  12. I think you want a work, the handles stretch with use too. The PT is great is you want a long strap to wear the bag on your shoulder. I think you should order both a work and PT from a NM (since they have such a generous return policy) and see which one suits you and return the other one. Stores like BalNY will give you a store credit for exchanges, no money back. Something to keep in mind.
  13. City!!!!!!!!!
  14. Here's a pic of the Part-Time and City, side by side. I like both. ;) The City is a more square shaped, the PT is more east/west. Just got them 2 days ago, and the PT is quickly growing on me..... so ask me in a few weeks!
    Sandstone&Marine hook.jpg
  15. I have a Part-Time and I love it. The East-West shape gives a certain sophistication when you carry it...I think it looks more formal than the city and the work. It really is the best of both worlds!