Help! Paris New York Wallet

  1. Does anyone know how much is the Paris New York wallet cost? And, if you have do you mind to share picture? I want to see the look outside and the look inside. I'm interested in getting one but I dont have the time to go to the store.:confused1:
  2. Where have you found one? I didn't know they were still available?
    I have seen 2 sizes: Long and short. Most people seem to really like the long ones. There are definitely photos around. Try searching wallet threads.
  3. I didnt find one...but I want wut u mean is that Chanel dont make that wallet anymore??
  4. I posted lots of pics in the Reference LIbrary.
    Anytime you need photos, try looking there first.

    I'll go fetch a link for you . . . .
  5. I think it was about $680? Hope the pics help! The last pic shows the model number.. u may want to call Chanel/NM/BG and enquire? :yes:

  6. Love This Wallet!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have the black PNY wallet in posted above. I really love it. I know that Swanky's wallet is in the library. We have the same wallet.

    I think mine was $695 a couple of months ago. I got it at the Chanel on Madison Avenue in NY.

    I really like this wallet. I did have several smaller wallets and this is all I'm currrently using. I am thinking of getting the long silver Cotton Club to match my CC Tote.
  8. LOVE this wallet!
  9. Thank you all *I love u guys* I will call Chanel and ask them if they have this wallet!!
  10. My favorite wallet of all time. Best of luck. I think they are very hard to find now.