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  1. Hi all!!! I tried to exit from London and was told I can't collect cash for the vat for Hermes Paris and they have a special address they send their vats to but I disposed the envelopes to keep all into one (a non Paris Hermes one) so that address is wrong! :sad:

    Can any kind souls here tell me what's the address for Paris vat forms to be sent to ? I checked the forum and found one from sep 2013 with a Paris address but I vaguely remembered its in Eastern Europe and not a global blue so anyone who still has an envelope can u please please let me have the address so I can mail it back? I have customs chopped it in jan and bought the bag in December so I need to get the form out by feb - wihtin 3 months right?
  2. I've sent out the envelopes so I don't have it with me anymore. Perhaps you can just call H in Paris and ask for the add?
  3. Service Detaxe Groupe Hermes, Centralized Services Center (FR), P.O Box 125, 810 000 Bratislava, Slovakia
  4. Love the H people here. Everyone is very helpful!
  5. :smile:
  6. Thank u so much for your help!!! I know I can always get answers here at tpf!!! :biggrin:
  7. You're welcome dear. :smile:

  8. OMG it's in sk hehe