Help! Pandora: I opened the box and fell in!

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  1. Hi Pandora lovers,

    I just had my third baby and have been looking for a "mommy" bag to lug everything around in that doesn't sacrifice style for diaper toting. I had been carrying a Mansur tote but find that with 3 I need to be hands free. I looked at the Bal velo and while there, the SA suggested that I consider Pandora. They didn't have any for me to try. (I'm in the Midwest near Chicago, but my kids make getting there pretty tricky.)
    So, I have been lurking in the Pandora forums here and it does seem to be the perfect bag, cross boday, light weight, holds a ton and can take a beating.
    I don't know Givenchy so when I saw a mini available for 30% off I grabbed it to check out the leather and style. Needless to say, I am now obsessed. The leather is delicious, the color manages to be both unusual and work with everything and its undeniably cool (and different from the sea of neverfulls that I live in).
    Of course, the problem is that the mini cant do "Mom" duty very well, but I'm not sure I can bear to return it.....enablers please feel free to chime in here. :P
    AND, of course my appetite for the full size bag is whetted! I have two questions:
    1. Is the Pepe much less durable? The goat is what I have and its yummy but it seems only the Pepe comes with GHW. Pepe also seems to have more color options available which I like, but I still need something that can stand up to my lifestyle right now.
    2. Why is the large size so difficult to find? Is it more available right when a new collection drops? Are there any suggestions on where to find one?

    Thanks for any help. Thanks for all the info and knowledge you've all already posted too!

    Sorry for the poor pic, still trying to figure out why some won't upload

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  2. I'm in that Pandora box right with you! Congrats on your new purchase :smile:

    It's a great bag, holds a ton, and can be used in different ways. I don't baby mine and they're still all good. I have a medium nero in calf leather and I find it shows scratches and marks more than my earth tricolor mini Pandora in goat. Goat seems very durable and it still looks brand new though I use it a lot.

    I haven't tried the Pepe leather so can't help with that though.
  3. I have a Pandora in Pepe leather and it is very durable. The thing I love about the Pepe leather is the durability paired with the slouch it gives you, which is part of the uniqueness of the bag. I have the medium size and it is quite large. It may not be large enough if you are looking for a diaper bag substitute however.
  4. Good to know that the goat is so durable. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. I think the Pepe is attractive because it seems in keeping with the slouchincess of the bag. Glad to know your experience. It seems that there is a mixed opinion the durability of the Pepe in the forums. Im not super fastidious about my bags being perfect, but I don't want to worry about tearing the leather, you know? The medium looks big in the mod shots but the measurements arenthuge. I was pleasantly surprised about how much could fit in the mini though, so maybe the medium would work.
    Thanks for your opinion, definitely makes me feel better about taking the pepe plunge!
  6. i am also in the process of buying my first pandora:cool:
    reading others' comments, i decided to go for the goatskin since
    i needed the bag for work and travelling, i don't want to baby my bags when i'm in a rush
  7. I have the mini Pandora and the medium Pandora both on goat. I'm not sure how tall you are but I would urge you to consider the medium over the large. I'm also a mom so I get the hands free but the medium is very roomy.
  8. Thanks, maybe I'll check it out for size. It's so pretty but I am hoping to get something other than black for this one...I need some color to pick me up after sleepless nights!

  9. Good to know! Especially since the medium is so much more available. Thanks!
  10. Is this color strictly fall/winter or would it work in the summer?

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  11. My sister has a large Pandora in black (from 2014) and I believe it's the Pepe leather from looking at photo comparisons. She's 5"2 and loves the bag! Even though it's the large size, it looks really good on her and it's super practical (for size and the number of ways you can wear the large version - cross body, over the shoulder, holding in your hand and in the crook of your arm). She uses it as a daily bag and also to carry books and her 13 inch laptop for university. I personally think it's one of the most versatile bags and I'm also looking to buy the same bag whenever I get the chance to in the future. We are careful with our bags eg. we'll avoid putting them on the floor or dirty surfaces wherever possible and we waterproof them but we also live in the uk where it snows and rains. If it rained hard, I don't think she'd not use it but she'd definitely shield it with her body as much as possible and use an umbrella. Although she has other bags now too, she always finds herself going back to her Pandora because of it's durability and versatility! Also, I don't think you need to worry about tearing the Pepe leather. From what I remember about my sister's bag, the leather is quite thick and I wouldn't say the bag is particularly heavy when empty either, but obviously from it's size and the amount of leather you get, it has got some weight to it.
  12. i personally feel it works only on FW
    but if you truly love the colour, i think you can rock it during all year round.

  13. Thanks, that's reassuring. I love the look of it online but won't be able to check it out in person till I order. There's a lot of mixed reviews on it in the forums so it's confusing
  14. I do like it and its a bit differet, but I agree, it's seasonal
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