HELP: Palest of Pale Foundations for Snow White Porcelain Skin

  1. Awesome, thank you. I'll check that out next time I'm in Melbourne.
  2. no worries. it comes in 26 shades. 1 being the lightest and 26 the darkest. I got #2. number 1 was more yellow base but 2 is pink base. they do stage make up and crazy colours
  3. I was just wondering, does anyone know of any foundations that are really close in colour to Nars Siberia? I've been through two bottles of Sheer Glow because it's the perfect colour for me, but it doesn't last for long enough on my skin.

    I'm very pale but I have quite yellow undertones, so it's really a struggle to find things that work for me. At the moment I'm using Bourjois Healthy Mix serum and lightening it with a white foundation, but even that is way too pink!

    I wanted to try Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in Alabaster, but read somewhere that it's more pink toned than Porcelain, is this true? :thinking: Thanks in advance!
  4. Alabaster is pinker than Porcelain; not too bad but if NARS Siberia in SG is a good match, Alabaster in Skin will probably be too pink. However, Alabaster Tint in the TM is warmer than Skin.
  5. Origins have great light light foundations (not the concealer though!) and Tarte tinted moisturizer in Agent 00 is fantastic as well but it's not full coverage. Hope that helps!
  6. Speaking of Tarte, I was going to say that their concealer is super light, so they might have a very pale foundation too.
  7. The best foundation I've found for my super fair skin is the Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation in the shade Perfect Ivory. It has pink undertones and is reasonably sheer but can be built up to a medium coverage if needed. It looks amazing in photographs.
  8. I'm very fair and have a hard time finding foundation as well because they're all too pink or just too dark. I tried on probably half of sephora the other day & found Diorskin Nude Ivory 010 to be a perfect match. I'm still my "summer color" though so I'm not sure if it'll work for me in the dead of winter.
  9. I agree, but for dry skin I'd recommend d&g perfect foundation in 60
  10. Just recently got a sample of the new Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 0.5. It's not snow white pale, but paler than many foundations go. Probably as pale as the lightest shade of MUFE foundations.
  11. try Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts foundation . These foundations are specialised for pale/porcelain skin, hope this helps :smile:
  12. I've been using Nars Siberia and I like it. its soft, not harsh, and not drying. I find that it is still a little too dark for me, and has some definite yellow undertones so may not be perfect for anyone who is a little pink. I have also used Mac concealer in NW10 mixed with MaxFix+ to dilute the product so I'm not putting concealer all over my face. I find this MUCH to pink for me, but looks great on others with a pink undertone.
    I try mixing products to get the right colour sometimes... I still haven't found anything light enough with a yellow undertone for me, but the quest goes on.
  13. Laura mercier tinted moisturizer- the original formula. They have a new shade called cameo and it's super light and pink toned! Perfect for me and my Snow White skin!
  14. ^great tip
  15. Hello Everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for foundation/ concealer for pale skin tones? I'm roughly an NC 10 in MAC but I find their product oxidizes and gets very orange-y on my skin. I wish getting tanner was an option but skin cancer runs horribly in my family :sad: Also, tanning products seem to always rub off. So frustrating.

    I'm asking not only for myself but my sister who works as a makeup artist. She has yellow tones to her skin (but just as pale) while I have pink undertones. So options for either undertone would be put to good use! Any help would be so appreciated.

    Thank you!