Help! Paid the item, but listing was pulled due to VeRO

  1. I recently bought an LV Damier bag from eBay, paid and received couple of days ago. This item was authenticated in the LV forum before I paid. Now the listing is pulled by eBay for Verified Right Owner (VeRO). What should I do? Is that meant the bag is fake?
  2. Hmm, not sure if that means the item was def fake since no one knows for sure by looking at pics on the auction, but contact the seller asap. Make sure she ships or you need a refund. If you feel uncomfortable about if the bag is fake because it was pulled (few of my things were pulled and theyre def real).. then get a refund from the seller.
  3. Well, it could be that it was fake or it could have been unjustly pulled.
    Best thing to do would be to take pics of the bag including the heat stamp (where it says "Louis Vuitton Paris made in ___") and the date code and post them on the authentication thread on the LV forum and we'll take a look at it.
  4. I've had authentic bags pulled by VeRO so it doesn't mean it's fake, they get trigger happy sometimes.
  5. it could also mean that the seller stole photos of an authentic bag and used them in the listing. Your best bet is to contact eBay and tell them you paid for a pulled listing. See what they say.
  6. not necessarily a fake, VERO pulls authentic bag auctions all the time, then it's up to the seller to prove that it's auth.