Help! Owners of the 2007 Pegasus Carousel Charm

  1. I am considering to purchase the 2007 carousel charm for my birkin and bolide. My concern with this charm is possible damage or dent to my bags.
    I read some earlier (Jan & Feb) threads about this charm, but the comments/observations were given before actually seeing or owning it. To the owners of this precious charm, wonder what your experience has been using it? If used for a bag, where do you put it?
  2. I've had no dents or scratches, use it on box and ostrich. The "sticky out" bits are very small....I think it's OK - you'd have to get it caught against something and then press *hard* to have an accident.

    Can you try it at a store with the bag you're concerned about and see for yourself? If not, you could return it if not satisfied and go for credit or store credit.

    Good luck, Christiflora, I think it's a magical cadena.
  3. Katel,
    Thanks for your input. May I ask where you put the charm, on the turnknob or on the clocchette?
    Does it turn by itself, since it is a carousel?
  4. I loop mine through the top loop of a box or ostrich Bolide clochette currently:

    I don't use it on Kellys (^^^this was just for illustration) and I don't use it on my Trims. It's happy right now on my ostrich Bolide. :smile:

    It does turn on the base, but not really by itself - you can twirl it around manually. It's very sweet.
  5. Very helpful thread! Pictures are worth a thousand words. Of course, the answers and explanations clarify further. I am much relieved now. Thanks for sharing.

    I was searching on "Hermes charm", so I missed your thread.
  6. I put it on the turnlock piece of my's fun.
  7. I am also considering getting one. Can you tell me what the retail price is for this?
  8. $280us
  9. ^Thanks Baggs!