Help! Owners of MJ Safran/ Saffron ZC, I am confused...

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  1. There are several photos showing some variations of the color, would you say this picture reflects the true color of your ZC?
    Mine seems much darker, not bright and sunny like the one in the picture :confused1:

  2. I believe the pics on Nordstroms website (where that was taken from) are extremely well lit. Whether it's the lighting in the room or the flash on the camera they use (or a combination of both), the colors almost always seem to appear brighter than they really are.

    I know a few PFers have bought this color -- do a search within the MJ forum and see what pics come up (there may eve be some in the reference section)
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have done the search and still cannot grasp the TRUE color from the various photos posted by tPFers.
    I figure may be other owners can help me?
  4. no, safran isn't that bright. the nordstrom pic is not a true representative. it's too bad because that's a fantastic yellow. i'm sorry your zc wasn't what you expected. do you like it enough to keep it or will you be returning it?
  5. man, this is my dream ZC! :tender:
  6. I have one, you can look in my album, it's a very nice yellow color, not too bright. I love it.
  7. i love mine too. it goes with almost all of my bags. its not that bright like in the picture. this is how mine looks next to my other stuff. so are you disappointed that it's not as bright as in that picture?

    my only gripe with mine is that i think it's been looked at MANY times. the zipper glides very loosely like its been picked up and "tested" a thousand times. but i still love the look nonetheless.

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  8. #8 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    tadpolenyc, jun3machina,
    You read my mind :smile: That yellow is fantastic. But mine seems more caramel, not yellow.

    I wish mine looks like yours. That will be what I want, bright, but not that bright.

    I don't expect it to be as bright as Nordstrom's picture, but I think it should look like yours, or anteaterquaker's( I love hers).
  9. maybe you can take a picture of yours so that we can see?
  10. i think the color is so pretty (cuz i'm in a yellow phase). i think its closer to the pic macbaglovin posted... see if u can post a pic that is true to the color yours is?