Help! Owners of heritage stripe diaper bag

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  1. Hi, I am thinking about getting the heritage stripe multifunction tote to use as a diaper bag. I have an almost 4 year old and 1.5 year old. I am planning a third baby sometime in the future, so I'm pretty certain I will be using it for some time. My question is that the new bag has cloth handles, do they get dirty quickly and if so, are they easy to clean? I know the multifunction tote from last year had leather handles, but then my only option for that is ebay. :confused1::confused1::confused1:

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  2. I have the one with the leather handles, but I think you can just scotch guard the handles and you'd be fine. I did have some cloth canvas handles like that on a bag from about 6 years ago that is now my beach/gym bag. It got a little dirty, but I had it dry cleaned and that helped.
  3. I would just get one off eBay, if I didn't already return mine I'd give you the stores #.
    The older ones look almost identical and are a bit cheaper on the bay (I remember I had payed $164 at the outlet for it...and than returned it, heh)
  4. I have the original one from last year with the cloth handles and they are a little dirty now, but I have used that bag more than any other bag I have. I only have great things to say about it. I think that the cloth handles were way more comfortable than the leather ones... and overall the bag is really easy to keep clean.
  5. I have only the cloth handle HS totes. I prefer them over the thinner leather handles just on looks alone. I have the grass green (medium), red (medium), and HS pink stripe one (largest) and I totally love them to bits. I love the handles so much that I got the Hampton weekender too!
  6. Thanks! I think I might get the new ones, the ones on ebay are berry colour and I would prefer the brown, more neutral. I like the tip about scothguarding the handles. How many bottles/sippy cups can it hold??
  7. I am looking at picking one up to use as a laptop bag.

    I like the idea to scotch guard the handles, maybe I should think about doing that to my scarf print swingpack?
  8. I would say it could hold at least 4 cups/bottles... maybe more. It has a lot of places to put stuff. I have a thread here somewhere with inside pics of mine
  9. I had one Factory style only Hamptons Weekend bag in that great black nylon with black cloth straps. The dark straps made the difference, can't see the dirt like you could on the white or lighter colored ones!
  10. found it!

    Well, for some reason my link is not working.. just search Coach multifunction tote and you will find it. :tup:
  11. I have the newer heritage stripe one you are referring to but the berry color...I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet cuz I haven't had the baby (only a few more weeks!) but I do keep playing with it and putting her things in it!! Is that sad??? lol:P
  12. I did this too...So NO, it's NOT sad:smile:

    OP - I usually carry at least three bottles at all times and one sippy cup. On top of that, about 6 diapers (3-4 for each child), a wipes case, toy, snack for my 3 y/o, bib, burp cloth, dreft pen, binkys, sanitizer, bag for dirty diapers and an extra sleeper. ....Oh, but I chose to use a smaller changing pad from JJCole and I took out the tatteral one. I did this b/c it gives me more room for other things.
  13. May I chime in here? (a bit late).

    I rec'd the new heritage stripe diaper bag last week for my birther...LOVE IT! I had the same issue with the handles...thinking they'd get all dirty. But I think the all leather straps would dig into my shoulder (especially with the tote loaded up). I think the handles are very comfy.

    and I like the idea of taking out the changing pad and using a different came with a NICE pad...but it's so dang large!

    and seriously - the yellow-green interior of the brown tote just makes me smile!