Help! Owners of 2005 Twiggys

  1. Is the front pocket lined with leather? Please respond ASAP. Thank you.
  2. Yes it is... not fully lined, but when you open the pocket there is a strip of leather on the inside...

    Hope this helps
  3. Are you sure? On the 2005 bags? My 2005 Firsts don't have a leather strip on the front pocket.
  4. I just grabbed one that I KNOW is real and looked - lined in fabric.
  5. No leather at all in the outer zip pocket? Thanks SO much!!!!!!
  6. you do mean outside front pocket ?
  7. Sorry, yes, the outside front pocket - is it lined with leather or just fabric? Specifically 2005 bags?
  8. I'll take a pic and show you what I mean...
  9. Yup, fabric. I'm looking at a 2005 sky blue Twiggy. All fabric.
  10. Thank you sooooo much! Thought I had a fake on my hands! I appreciate it rollergirl and fashion-cult! :heart: :yahoo:
  11. I could hear the urgency in your post! Glad it's okay.
  12. Here are the pics

    The FRONT POCKET of my 05' Twiggy has leather/ fabric lining
    The INSIDE POCKET of my 05' Twiggy is fabric ONLY

    The FRONT POCKET of my 06' City has leather/ fabric lining
    The INSIDE POCKET of my 06' City has leather/ fabric lining

    Does this help?

    Your first may not have the leather strip as it is a smaller bag, as my Twiggy has a leather strip in the front pocket, but not on the inside pocket, and my City has a leather strip in both pockets...
    05 Twiggy front pocket.jpg 05 Twiggy front pocket2.jpg 06 City Front Pocket.jpg 06 City Front Pocket 2.jpg 06 City Inside Pocket.jpg
  13. fashion- cult - is your twiggy s/s 05 or f/w 05 - I believe the pockets changed between those two seasons.

    rollergirl- which season is your bag?

    the one I am referring to is s/s 05.

    thanks again!
  14. My Twiggy is 05' Navy (Bleu)

    I believe its from F/W 05...
  15. phew - waiting for rollergirl.... :smile: