Help! Overwhelmed at new styles, help me decide my 1st bag to buy in Paris!

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm so overwhelmed!!!!!! I haven't been on the Forum in a while, so I have no idea what all these new names/styles of Chanel bags are! Can someone maybe give me a summary (pics are always helpful) or show me a thread that gives a summary of the new Chanel styles with pics? Is there any Chanel catalog online that anybody has found (pics and prices)??

    I've been a Chanel fan since I was 12 years old (seriously!), but I'll be 25 and going to Paris for my birthday and buying my first Chanel bag. So far, I want a small classic flap bag in black (how much would it cost??). Second, if I buy something else....what is the most FABULOUS, hard to find, must-buy-in-Paris bag to get???

    Thanks...merci beaucoup!
  2. good questions!! i'm going to paris in may and i would LOVE to buy my first chanel there....someone help us!
  3. I think a East & West Flap bag would be a good collection for first Chanel or a Cotton Club Tote
  4. Baby Cabas is hard to find for sure!
    2007 Red Lambskin Classic with new chain is TD4 too.
  5. the original coco cabas in caviar leather or baby cabas.
  6. FashionLuvr, have you looked through the Chanel Reference library subforum? It tons of pics w/the style name and price listed- it should help you a bunch.
  7. I'll be in Paris in May and would LOVE to bring back a Chanel!! :tender:
  8. imo an east west is a great chanel starter bag :smile:
  9. I'm going in early April - I also want to buy a Chanel. I'll be staying on Ave. Montaigne (which makes it impossible not to) Does anyone know if the vinyl Coco Cabas will be easier to find there?
  10. I would recommend the CC punk handbag. It is a little on the pricey side, but would be a great fun piece to start with. Besides, I always like the limited bags outside of the timeless classic collection.
  11. I would recommend the classic 2.55 in a colour which you love!

    Alternatively, if you're heading straight for the limited edns, go for the hot colours - silver, gold and bronze! in 2.55 - don't bother with the other sizes, your first one has to be a classic!
  12. ^^^ITA!!:yes: Get a classic. It will mean so much more that you get a classic Chanel piece in Paris if it's your 1st Chanel.
  13. Thanks for your advise. I've spent hours looking through the Ref Library and also on Vogue Australia Chanel forum. I want a small black classic flap or something similar, like modern chain flap or east/west (I like that it's a lower price, too). I also want a dark silver small reissue, but now I'm afraid that when I get to Paris I won't find one I want, and I'll be pissed off! I plan on calling the stores and having them hold one for me if they'd hold it for 3 weeks, or put me on a waitlist. I refuse to return to this country without at least one of the three bags I want...and it's my FIRST Chanel!
  14. When I was there in January, I was told by a SA that they were restocking the reissues in metallics only and should be in by March. So you might still have a chance at getting a dark silver reissue.