Help ~ Oval clutch

  1. Just wondering is the oval clutch being discontinued? Is there anywhere I can find one (online/retail) ?
  2. The Oval Clutch is a discontinued style. It's beautiful and you can still find it at a few places. Barneys BH and BalNY have had a few white and truffle ones remaining but I don't know if they still have them. Recently, I've seen some cool different color ones on a popular online auction site.

    From personal experience, this clutch is awesome. It was my first Bbag and I love it. It fits so much more than I imagined and it's a real eye catcher.

  3. May I ask how much is it retail at?:confused1:
  4. The Oval retailed for $695 and it's a good sized clutch.

  5. Thanks Corey.:smile::heart:
  6. I saw a truffle oval (pretty sure) at NM Austin today. Ask for Michael; he's really nice.
  7. balny has 1 truffle left, Barneys ny (madison ave) has 1 white left.

    good luck! i'm looking for brighter colors...
  8. Thanks everyone ! :tup: I don't want a truffle or white, desperately want something bright and bold.... xxx:p~