Help!!!! :) (Outlet Question)

  1. *ahhhh* I shouldn't have quickly checked the boards before running off to the Homecoming game! (I am a teacher) :yucky:

    Can someone please list the outlets that are closest to me?
    I am in Roanoke, VA (zip is 24019 if it helps)

    I don't have time to check--- and would love to go for the sales this weekend!!!

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. There is only 2 Coach outlets in Virginia & they both seem about 3 to 4 hours away from you. Williamsburg Premium Outlets and Leesburg Chelsea Outlets.
  3. :crybaby:That is tooooo far away... *pout*

    I guess I am not going :crybaby:
  4. have no idea where roanoke specifically is, geographically. (i guess i could break out a map...). but maybe you could look for an outlet in another state? i'm in an area where i can either stay in georgia, go to alabama, or hit tennessee.
    try and see what might be near.
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