HELP!! Out off ALL the BLUES....

  1. Please tell me which one is the closest to a soft, muted, dusty blue without any green undertones? Would you say Cornflower? :shrugs: I've looked at every thread I can find regarding blues and I'm still confused. I must be going color blind!!! :hysteric:
  2. '03 blue, maybe? i think it is the most vintagey of them all...
  3. What about this year's glacier blue? It's has grey undertones.
  4. I considered that but in most of the pics I've seen of it, there's so much marbleing. I prefer smoother, less veiny, more matte. :cry:
  5. I like Cornflower and do not think it has any green, BUT, all of the ones that I have seen are really veiny ....

    I would say Blue India - obviously what you are looking for!

    and Aquamarine - the ones I saw did not look green at all, but I don't know if I would call this color "muted" ...
    I have only seen pics of Blue Glacier and all of those seemed veiny also, although no green ....
  6. i'd say Blue India! It has no green undertones and it's much more matte and less veiny.
  7. Is cornflower a viberant shade of blue?~ or is it muted?
  8. In looking at atelier.neff the 2005 Cornflower appears to be brighter and darker than the 2006 which seems more muted. Thoughts, anyone?


  9. This is soooo confusing. Maybe I'll just get "COW PRINT"!!!! LOL!!!!!
  10. That is a big difference but the ponyhair is a bright blue color so it's hard to compare to the cornflower leather.
  11. I was kidding....LOL!!!!
  12. my blue india has some green undertones
  13. Whats the matter Deb? you can't find the right Blue like me. :crybaby: I think i went through all the Blues and finally decided Cornflower and BI was my favorites. Of course 05 Turq is amazing if you can find one in a great condition.:drool:
  14. I's maddening. :cry: You're looking for the perfect blue for you too?
  15. I agree that India blue has some green. Blue Glacier has some purple tone whereas cornflower is more a pure blue. Both are very veiny (ones I have seen anyway), but the BG is more dusty.