Help out a newbie

  1. I'm realllllllllly in the mood for a new bag. I saw some cool ones :heart: on Bluefly, but don't know if they're legit. Are they?
  2. I remember that a few members had issues with Bluefly a while ago with Balenciaga bags - namely, that the bags were fake. However, I don't remember reading anything else about other brands, and I think for the most part, Bluefly is reliable.
  3. I've seen some recent pictures on the eBay forums, as well, that Bluefly is not putting "Do not remove me, or you cannot return me" tags on their purses, to prevent the fakes from getting back to Bluefly.

    They are a reputable reseller, but people were doing a switch and Bluefly has such a lenient return policy (from what I've heard, I've never bought from them) that anything and everything got back to them.

    (Ah ha! Found the link!)