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  1. Hello,
    I'm trying to decide on a new bag for spring/summer. I'll be going on a trip next month so I will probably want one that's fairly large, and a shoulder bag rather than a tote. I love the cream/ivory/white leather bags that are out now, and my style (predictably) is somewhere between hippie and chic. My budget is somewhat limited, about $350 max. Attached are some possibilities I've been considering - the Cole Haan Village Grommet N/S shoulder bag, and the Kooba Sienna. I also like the Kooba Mischa, but it's canvas and not leather. Any thoughts? Ideas? Other suggestions?
    colehaan_grommet.jpg kooba_sienna.jpg
  2. passerby has some great suggestions! Love those and was actually looking at the first one the other month at Nordy's!
  3. Zappos rocks. I never even thought of Biasia! I really like the Secret Love Small Tote - at 12" x 9" it's still fairly large, and it has the single handle I prefer (for some reason, double shoulder straps annoy me - one strap is always falling off my shoulder.) The price range is perfect too.

    I was originally thinking of something a little more hippie (fringy, tassels, etc.) and ivory rather than white. But you've given me a whole new element to consider. Thank you so much!
  4. Hippiechic, what do you think of this?

    Available in white and honey (and black)

    Edit: Just noticed this bag is on sale on JC Penney ($104-99 - shipping cost not included yet) and in chamois as well:|28729|28730|30061#

    Out of curiousity, I would like opinions (if any) on Pietro Alessandro bags, please. Thanks.
  5. The white Kooba Sienna is cute and within your budget.

    Here is a crossbody bag by BCBG Girls. Very cute and within budget -$151.95

    Another FB - $338.95
  6. Have you checked out any of the bags at PacSun or Zumiez? They have some bags made by Roxy, Volcum and Haruko that are hippie and fun.
  7. I love the Kooba you picked out hippiechic! And the Francesco's passerby showed are really nice. The Tano she posted is the one I've been wanting, it's so nice! Great price too!
  8. I think I'm leaning toward the Kooba, which is all over eBay at much less than list price. Many thanks to everyone for the pics and ideas - I'm really enjoying it here!
  9. Hippiechic, I have the Kooba Sienna in cream waiting for me for my B-day in June still in the box:wacko: ! I loved it and when I found a discount code for Karizma Boutique 30% I decided that was perfect justification - and my B-day of course (if I make it that long). I think they're still running that same promotion?? Anyone else know? Anyway, I first searched for it on E-bay and discovered that 99% of those Sienna's were fakes -so heads up- BE CAREFUL! But it really is an AWESOME BAG!!!:love:
  10. Kooba Sienna is very nice in both Cream and Ivory (light, almost white). I would recommend buying it from trusted online retailers (raved by members here) rather than ebay (lots of fakes) or department stores (usually full retail). The following stores are offering 30% off, you can compare their S&H and tax (none if store is not located in your state) to find the best deal.

    KarizmaBoutique (in CA, there's shipping)
    30% off (Use code TOUTIE30% at checkout)

    ResolveClothing (in CA, Free S&H)
    30% off (Enter DCDEAL at checkout)

    formerly ShoppingAllure (in WI, $5 for S&H)
    30% off (in Marie Claire & Lucky/Shopping magazines. Expired, unless other members receive newer offers. Try calling their 800 number, a nice Customer Service Rep might give you the discount)

    Codes for other sites are available here:
    [ (incredible) (addictive)

  11. The Kooba's gorgeous.