Help out a fellow Male?

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  1. Heres the situation.

    Im 18 and have around medium length hair. I usually straighten my hair every day or sometimes ill skip 2-3 days. I have a CHI straightener.

    Ive only been doing this for a few months though. For a couple years now my hair has been really dry. No matter what shampoo i use, after i get out of the shower (like 2 hr later) if i rub my hair or scratch my scalp itl get really flakey.

    If i look at my scalp by moving my hair some spots are red (like rashes or something where i scratched and flakes came off)

    This doesnt happen all the time but it is enough to really piss me off make my scalp feel itchy.

    Any suggestions? Plus its annoying when i want to go out and there are flakes in my hair. :sad:
  2. Oh yeah, i use Gatsby Clay/Wax in my hair and previously used american crew fiber...
  3. Dandruff?

    Use some leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, etc. that should temporarily relieve the dryness. I think you need to give the straightening a break or get your hair trimmed so it's healthier.
  4. Keep in mind ive only started straigtening recently and my hair actually feels better for the most part.

    before that i used amerian crew leave in conditioner and it didnt work well, still flakes.

    at one point i tried a zinc bar conditioner but that didnt work either.
  5. scalf flakiness is about your products, not your tools.
    Get a good shampoo specifically for dry flaking scalp and make SURE you're using conditioner to protect the ends from the iron.
  6. paul mitchell has this tea trea peppermint shampoo that's great w/dry scalps & soothing too (i bought this stuff for my ex long ago & it worked wonders for his thick, seasonal flakey, itchy scalp). massages & cleans your scalp & roots thoroughly-maybe try that?
    also i know aveda has the same kind of product (peppermint shampoo type) but it's a little more pricey.
    hope that's helpful & good luck :smile:
  7. Try NIOXIN products. My DH has scalp issues and this has worked miracles. They literally have like step program depending on your issues.
  8. I LOVE this stuff. It makes your scalp all tingly and it's creat. They also make a conditioner.
  9. I just picked up the Paul Mitchell TeaTree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner.

    Hope it does the tric.:wlae:

  10. I LOVE his stuff too!!!! They make awesome products!
  11. I have really dry hair and I use Head and Shoulders. It works great and smells good!